RR or Real Riders is a branded line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types. The tires are made of rubber and have treads.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
GHRR's - 6148bf RRtu/Gdyr Real Riders turbine wheels w/Goodyear tampo 1983-present
2407bf RRtu-wh/Gdyr Real Riders turbine wheels-white hubs w/Goodyear tampo 1983-present
2408bf RRtu-yw Real Riders turbine wheels-yellow hubs 1983-present
Wheel 18 spoke turbine AGENTAIR RRtu-rd/Gdyr Real Riders turbine wheels-red hubs w/Goodyear tampo 1983-present

Used On The Hot Wheels Racer For Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

Image Not Available RRtu-or Real Riders turbine wheels-orange hubs 1983-present
BlackTurbineRealRiders RRtu-bk Real Riders turbine wheels-black hubs 1983-present on 2012 Buick Grand National
CDDRR1 CDDRR Chrome Deep Dish Real Riders Came with Blackwall, Chrome rim
CDDRR2 DDRRGY Deep Dish Real Riders with Goodyear Tampo Has "Goodyear" printed on the tires and Chrome rim
Wheels.WWRR.100x100 RRdd/ww Real Riders deep dish wheels w/white wall tampo
WWRR's - 6163bf RR/ww Real Riders wheels w/white wall tampo 1998-present
Wheels AGENTAIR 75 ?
Wheels AGENTAIR 87 RedWWRR Red Whitewall Real Rider 2006- Variant used on the Custom Classics models1
Image Not Available BlackWWRR Black Whitewall Real Rider 2006- Variant used on the Custom Classics models1
RLDDRR RLDDRR Red Line Deep Dish Real Rider
LWRR - 6160bf LWDDRR Limewall Deep Dish Real Rider 2002-? Used on the HWC Deora II in 2002
Wheels AGENTAIR 95
Wheels AGENTAIR 50
Wheels AGENTAIR 91
Wheel 5 spoke white AGENTAIR ? ? ? Came on Hall of Fame Series 63 Split Window Vette .. the center is white plastic
Wheels AGENTAIR 18 GDDGYRR Gold Deep Dish Good Year Real Riders 1998-? Used on Dodge Viper GTS - 1998 Viper Club of America Limited Edition
Wheels AGENTAIR 74 GDDRR Gold Deep Dish Real Riders ?
Wheels AGENTAIR 81 THRR Treasure Hunt Real Riders ? Used on some Treasure Hunts
RR5SP RR5SP 5 Spoke Mag-Style Real Riders 2002-present Used onn the Super Treasure Hunt version of the 2008 Drift King.
RLRR5SP RLRR5SP 5 Spoke Mag-Style Real Riders 2002-present
RRE RealRiderExotic RRE Real Rider Exotic 2007- Present Used on several cars in the Ferrari Racer Series
Rrexfs RREFS Real Rider Exotic - Firestone 2013-Present Same as the RRE but has "Firestone" written on the side wall
RLRR Red Line Low Profile Deep Dish 2012? on 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Corvette Stingray Concept
RR-8Spoke RR8SP 8 Spoke Real Rider with Goodyear on Tires 2011 on 2011 Vintage Racing Datsun Bluebird 510
Real Rider with Red 8 Spoke RRR8SP Real Riders with Red 8 Spoke and Chrome Line 2012 on 2012 HW Boulevard Porsche 914-6 & Austin Healey
Rr8sp2 RR8SP Real Rider 8 Spoke White Hub with a Redline on the side wall 2012 On the 2012 Olympic edition of the 2001 Mini Cooper
Image Not Available WWRRRS Whitewall Real Rider Red Steel 2012- Used on Fangula from the Hot Wheels Boulevard series.
Chrome & Yellow RR10SP RR10SP Real Rider with Yellow 10 Spoke and Chrome Line 2013 Used on the Ford GT from the Boulevard series.
RRWSP RRWSP Real Rider Wire Spoke  2011- Used on the 2014 1963 Aston Martin DB5  from the Retro Entertainment Series (James Bond: Goldfinger) .
Image Not Available FSTRR Firestone Real Riders 2013 Used on the Greased Lightning from the Retro Entertainment series.
Silver & Black DISH DISH Real Riders Dish wheels 2013-2014 Used on K.I.T.T.K.A.R.R. and K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode from the Retro Entertainment series
White Wall RRWSP WWRRWSP White Wall Real Rider Wire Spoke 2013 Used on the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the '58 Edsel from the Retro Entertainment series.
WWSRR WWSRR Slotted Real Riders wheels w/white wall tampo 2014 Used on the Ford Super De Luxe from the Retro Entertainment Series (Back to the Future).
Black RR6SP BRR6SP Black Real Rider 6-Spoke 2014 - present

Used on the 2014 Koenigsegg Agera R from the Retro Entertainment Series (Need for Speed).

Red Line ORDDRR RLORDDRR Red Line Off-Road Deep-Dish Real Riders 2014 - present Used on the 2014 Texas Drive 'Em from the Pop Culture Series - General Mills: Cocoa Puffs.
C4SPRR C4SPRR Classic 4-Spoke Real Rider 2016 - present Used on the 2016 Mazda RX-3 from the Car Culture (Japan Historics) series.
Image Not Available RRMC Real Riders Modern Concave 2016 - present Used on the 2016 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 from the Car Culture (Euro Style) series.
Image Not Available SRR Slotted Real Riders wheels 2016 Used on the Ford F-250 from the Retro Entertainment Series (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind).
Image Not Available RRA Real Rider Aero 2017 - present Used on the Porsche 962 from the Car Culture (Race Day) series.

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