Debut Series Acceleracers
Produced 2005-
Designer Nathan Proch
Number N5427

During the initial release of the AcceleRacers die cast cars, RD-06 was mistakenly packaged and stamped (in some cases) as RD-10. See RD-06 for more information about that vehicle.

Identified as a concept car in the Virtual Car Gallery (AcceleRacers: Ignition), you may not see it in the movies.

In other words, the RD-10 is powered by a 900 horsepower, C-F35 hydrogen fueled dual turbine engine with independent fully adjustable computer controlled suspension. The full tube frame chassis are aluminum and the body panels are carbon fiber. Lastly, the RD-10 has 22" front wheels and 24" back wheels.


RD-10 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color / Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 Acceleracers Racing Drones #8 Black with green and grey tampos CM6 G8116 RD-10 Acceleracers Racing Drones
N5427 2008 Race Aces Target Exclusive Gold Chrome ZAMAC Dark Tinted Black PR5 N5427 Malaysia Rd10.n5427.a-l
N5427 2008 Race Aces Target Exclusive Blue Chrome ZAMAC Blue Tinted Gray PR5 N5427 Malaysia Rd10.n5427.a-l.jpg
065 2009 Track Stars Blue White Clear Chrome OH5 P2385 Malaysia S6002819
2012 Hot Wheels Gift Pack Red with "5" on left and right, light blue and white checkered tampo on left and right of rear end, "RD-10" Black Blue Tinted Chrome Gold OH5 Malaysia HNI 0028
N/A 2013 Vertical Velocity 5 X9845 RD-10 Vertical Velocity 5
N/A 2014 Double Jump Duel 5-Pack BFB25 RD-10 Double Jump Duel 5-Pack
5pk 2015 Spiral Stack-Up Image Not Available