Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Mark Jones


The RD-06 made its first appearance in AcceleRacers. Driven by RD-S1 in the Racing Drones. The car is powered by a 502 HP, C-43 J turbine engine with jet-assisted launch capabilities. The chassis are made of carbon fiber monocoque as well as having 20" front wheels and 22" rear wheels.


The RD-06 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color / Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
G8112 2005 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #6 Black Gray Green Gray CM5 Malaysia The Tires are A Darker Shade of Green RD-06
G8112 2005 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #6 Black Gray Green Gray CM6 Malaysia The Tires are A Lighter Shade of Green Rd
73531 2005 AcceleRacers Video (The Speed of Silence) Chrome with Green and Silver tampos CM6 Malaysia Rd06tsos
K3283 2006 AcceleRacers Black Green CM6 Malaysia Image Not Available
J7251 2006 AcceleRacers - Realm Series Purple CM6 Malaysia Rd.purple
K9790 2006 Batman Blaster Black with Yellow tampos and Batman logo on top Unpainted Yellow Unpainted Yellow OH5 Image Not Available
P7765 2009 Color Shifters Beige (hot), Black with stripes and "22" across top (cold) Unpainted Red Red-rim, black OH5 Thailand WIN 20170527 15 32 45 Pro
R0214 2010 Color Shifters Light Green (hot), Red with orange stripes across top (cold) Unpainted Orange Orange rimmed OH5 Thailand Image Not Available
N/A 2014 Double Jump Duel 5-Pack Light Blue with Black and Yellow stripes, "6" across the top Unpainted Yellow Yellow PR5 Thailand Rd06 BFB25
2015 HW Race Super Chromes
Green and Black design across the top Green Green Green TRAP5 Malaysia Base code(s): G50 RD-062015