Power Rage
Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Eric Tscherne
Number G8087
Teku Power Rage


In the Accleracers series, this car was driven by the Teku's Vert Wheeler, until it was destroyed in the Water Realm. Power Rage has HID headlamps,and LED rear lights. The car has a carbon fiber body on coilovers and a aluminum chassis. Like all Teku cars, it has scissor doors and underglow neon. There are 2 speakers, 2 tweeters,and 3 subwoofers, 3 gauges on the passenger side which show boost, NO2, and fuel levels. The tachometer and speedometer are mounted on the driver's side. Power Rage is powered by a turbocharged 2.8 liter 4 cylinder with an intercooler generating 410 HP. The exhaust pipes exit out the side. The top grille creates a vaccum for the hood intercooler outlet. There are also front and rear brake outlets for the 6-piston all carbon fiber antilock brakes. A stylish angled spoiler provides downforce. There is also an equalizer for the stereo. This car tops at 280 mph and goes from 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds. There are interior neon short shifters and bucket seats.

The car's tooling was updated in 2016, where the spoiler is now part of the body and is no longer a separate piece.


From the Acceleracers series: After half of Vert's Deora II was destroyed in the Storm Realm, it was replaced by Power Rage. He took it into the Swamp Realm and barely made it out. It was later taken into the Lava Realm and Water Realm. In the Lava Realm, the tires were overheating, as the cars did not have treads for the tires, at the time. After Monkey took a tire from a Drones car, the tires for the cars were transformed to ATD. However, when Vert reached the Water Realm, he tried to go for the fastest time and didn't watch the oversteer. As a result, he had to use the newly-installed EDR and Power Rage was destroyed.

Three different variants are playable in Hot Wheels Track Attack.


The Power Rage has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2005 AcceleRacers - Teku 6/9 White Teku Tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome Blue CM6  ? Malaysia Teku Power Rage
- 2006 AcceleRacers - Stripped Metal Chrome None Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome Grey CM6 ? Malaysia Image Not Available
2006 AcceleRacers - Adidas Promo Blue White and blue flames & Adidas tampos Unpainted / Metal Light Blue Chrome Grey CM6 ? Malaysia Power Rage Acceleracers Adidas promo
161 2007 Mystery Cars
Gold Chrome Red & Black Tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Chrome Red OH5 K7628 Malaysia Power Rage - MysteryGold
161 2007 Mystery Cars
Gold Chrome Red & Black Tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Chrome Red CM6 K7628 Malaysia Imagdes
161 2007 Mystery Cars
Chrome Blue & Black Tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome Blue OH5 K7628 Malaysia Chrome Mystery Power Rage
- 2008 Hammer & Hoop Stunt (Trick Tracks) Black / Painted Dark Blue & Light Blue Flame Tampos Black Blue Chrome Blue 5SP M6291 Malaysia Track Set Power Rage
- 2009 Super Jump Raceway Chrome Yellow, Red, White & Blue tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Blue 5SP N3041 Malaysia Image Not Available
5pk 2010 Police Pursuit Yellow White, Black & Red tampos, flames, '55', & HW logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Chrome Red PR5 R0965 Thailand Base code(s): B42 PowerRageR0965
- 2011 3-Lane Super Speedway Exclusive Black Blue & Blue Flame Tampos Black Light Blue Tint Chrome Blue 5SP V0634 Thailand Base code(s): D34 PowerRageV0634
5pk 2011 Graffiti Rides Metalflake Dark Red White, Black & Grey tampos Unpainted / Metal Tinted OH5 T8640 Thailand Base code(s): PowerRageGraffiti
5pk 2011 Wall Tracks Clear Green White, Black & Yellow Tampos Unpainted / Metal Yellow Yellow Rim, Black OH5 W4239 Thailand Base code(s): PR
2/8 2015 Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Blue Red, White & Dark Blue Captain America deco on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome White PR5 CGB83 Thailand Base code(s): H02 PowerRageCGB83
5pk 2015 Spiral Stack-Up Light Blue Pink & Black stripes, White & Black '09 Stunt Team' on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome Yellow Rim, Black PR5 CDT21 Thailand Base code(s): Power Rage 2015 24
5pk 2016 Track Stars Clear Yellow Black, Blue & White designs, '88', 'HWGRFX' & HW Logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Blue Chrome Black OH5 w/ White rims DJD15 Malaysia Base code(s): H32

Updated tooling

5pk 2016 Captain America: Civil War ? Thailand Image Not Available
2017 Spider-Man Homecoming Blue Black Spider on Hood, Red & black fading Web on Sides, Spider_Man Below Doors Unpainted / Metal Tinted Red Red Chrome Red Ringed/Black PR5 DWD17 Thailand Base code(s): K17 DWD17 L