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Power Bomb
Debut Series 2005 AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #1
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Dave Weise


Power Bomb was originally going the be on AcceleRacers the Truth, but was cancelled. This car has a magnesium monochrome on push-rods and carbon fiber chassis the body features side engine intakes front brake heat outlets. On the top there are radiator outlets and springs for style. To save weight there isn't any fenders and there's only one cockpit. The main part of the car is the engine mounted on the rear is a 700hp 90 degree dual overhead cam-shafted Hydrogen fuel injected aluminum V-8 with headers dual exhaust immediately going up to create down-force. The engine is rear mounted so the front wheels can turn (explained on the Spine Buster page) this is a Hot Wheels creation. The Power Bomb's tooling was changed in 2013; the massive blown engine is now part of the chassis and is no longer a separate piece.


The Power Bomb has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 Acceleracers Metal Maniacs #1 White Red and black flames ZAMAC Smoke CM5 G8103 Malaysia Power Bomb AcceleRacers 2005 CM5
2005 Acceleracers Metal Maniacs #1 White Red and black flames ZAMAC Smoke CM6 G8103 G8103a
2006 2006 Team Colors Series Red Black and silver flames ZAMAC Smoke Grey CM6 K3289 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That!
2008 Max Steel 5-Pack (1) Black Yellow & Gold tampos on sides & across top ZAMAC Yellow GoldPR5 N2086 Malaysia 2008-5P-Max Steel-Power Bomb
N/A 2013 Dragon Destroyer 5 Green Dark Green & Orange Dragon Head with Hot Wheels Logo Orange Yellow-Rim OH5 G8103 Power Bomb
1/12 2014 Mystery Models Blue Orange Dragon Design Black Orange White-Rim OH5 Base code(s):
Updated tooling
2015 Dino Riders 5-Pack Yellow Spots and red prints Black / Metal Orange tint Black Red-rimmed OH5 ??? Thailand Base code(s): H11
IMG 0762


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