Porsche 914-6
Debut Series 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard
Produced 2012 -
Designer  ?
Number W4622


The Porsche 914-6 has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Body Color Tampo Chassis Type / Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Orange Black and Red racing stripes on hood and sides. White circle with black '72' Black/ Metal Clear Black RR8SP W4622 Malaysia 2012-HWB-Porsche9146-Orange
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard

Hot Wheels Boulevard 30 Car Set

Green White and Red Stripes on top, 'Porsche' on sides White / Metal Clear black LW5SPRR W9600 Malaysia CAM00049
N/A 2013 Flying Customs Series Anodized Blue Orange and Red stripes '14' Unpainted / Metal Clear Black UH X8204 Thailand Base code(s): F09 Porsche 914-6-2013
1 / 8 2015 Porsche Series White Blue stripe & 'Porsche' on sides, Blue & Metallic Blue stripes on hood & trunk, '5' on sides, hood & trunk Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP CGB66 Thailand Base code(s): H07, H09 Porsche 914-6-2015 Series
3/5 2017 Car Culture - Race Day Red Black hood, Urban Outlaw logos on hood, trunk and side, '914' & Porsche on sides Black / Metal Clear Black RRLW Malaysia - Thailand Base codes(s):  K18 Porsche 914 6-HW 2017 Car Culture (Race Day)--3