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Released for 2016, the Police Pursuit 5-Pack contains the 5 cars listed below:


Included cars

The following castings were in the Police Pursuit 5-Pack (#DJD19):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type / Blade Color Country Notes Photo
Rockster White Grey / Plastic Clear Red Black Black OR5SP Thailand Base Code(s): H43 RocksterDJD19
24/Seven Metalflake Pink Black / Plastic Clear Purple Black Purple Chrome (Rear) & White (Front) 10SP Thailand Base Code(s): H45 24-7DJD19
Fast FeLion Grey Lime Green / Plastic Clear Green Chrome Black PR5 w/ Green Chrome rims Thailand Base Code(s): H45 FastFelionDJD19
Dodge Charger Drift Car Metalflake Blue Black / Plastic Clear Red Grey Black PR5 w/ White rims Thailand Base Code(s): H45 DodgeChallengerDriftDJD19
Propper Chopper Black Red / Plastic Clear Blue Red Grey Thailand Base Code(s): H45 PropperChopperDJD19

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