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Debut Series AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #2
Produced 2005-Present
Designer Terry Choy


In the Acceleracers series, this car was Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs' second car. Piledriver is named after the wrestling move of the same name. The body is a impact resistant thermoform polyurethane body with wide fenders mounted on a chromemoly tube chassis with pushrod suspension. The engine is a 430hp 90 degree twin turbocharged fuel injected V8 with headers mounted directly in the middle of the car coupled to a custom transmission. Intercooler tubes run over the engine. There are NO2 tanks mounted on the sides. A quad-pipe exhaust system exits out the back of the car. There are no windows but there is a roll cage with 5000 candle power lights. The car creates a vaccum effect similar to Hollowback and Jackhammer which helps it stick to the road.


Piledriver has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Roll Bars Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
G8104 2005 AcceleRacers - Metal Maniacs #2 Red CM6 Thumbnail195995206842febcb329825
J7250 2006 AcceleRacers - Accelecharged Series Clear Red CM6 Image Not Available
119 2007 Track Stars #11 Beige Green, brown, and white camo tampos on sides and top Unpainted OH5 Malaysia 07PileDriverLft
N/A 2009 Track Aces 5-Pack Light Green Black, blue, and white graphics with '32' on sides Unpainted Metal Gray Chrome PR5 N4079 Thailand Piledriver - 09 TA 5-pk
2011 Attack Pack 5-Pack Pearl White Black and Silver bullethole design, "6" Satin Black / Metal Fluorescent Green Chrome Light Green PR5 T8636 Thailand PileDriver AttackPack
na 2012 Max Steel : Core Overload 5 Pack X1111 Image Not Available
N/A 2014 Demolition Derby BFB40
IMG 0932 24
N/A 2016 HW Snow Stormers 5-Pack Sky Blue Purple, Black & White deco, '7' on sides Silver Metalflake / Metal Dark Blue Chrome White PR5 w/ Black rims/spokes DJD21 Thailand Base Code(s): J07 PiledriverDJD21


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