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These are the paints that Mattel uses for their Hot Wheels vehicles.


An example of a Spectraflame paint:

Red Deora - 6471df
Studabeaker classics purple


An example of a Enamel paint:



An example of a Chrome paint:


Gold Chrome

An example of a Gold Chrome paint:

20th Anniversary Letter Getter - 6061df

Chrome (color)

An example of a Chrome color paint:

Image Not Available

Flourescent or Bright (color)

An example of a Flourescent paint:

Image Not Available


An example of a Metalflake paint:

Gold Cadillac Seville - 5633cf
Hot Wheels Metalflake Paint Card


An example of a Glitter paint:

Image Not Available


An example of a Satin paint:

Sinistra green

Matte or Flat

An example of a Flat paint:

Way 2 Fast Rat Rod - 9810cf
Quarter Mile Coupe - 5590df


An example of spectrafrost paint:

Hot Wheels 2013 Cool Classics 67 Pontiac Firebird 400

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