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Otto Kuhni a graphic artist that designed many the early art work for blisterpacks, cases, sets. Custom Otto Category:Otto Kuhni Designs

Came out of retirement to design the Illustrations.

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"Otto Kuhni has been a freelance designer with Mattel for over 45 years, and began working on Hot Wheels® cars in 1967.  His first projects included designing art for the original blister card and many of the collector buttons, play sets and accessory packages for track, curves, jumps, loops and double loops. From 1968-1970, Kuhni also designed large play sets.

Kuhni created the artwork used on many of the Hot Wheels® collector cases, including the 12-, 24, 48- and 72-car varieties. He also designed many of the Hot Wheels® blister card and collector set illustrations through 1995.

He retired in 1995, but returned to work part-time for Mattel.and has been creating the illustrations for the cars and a new 12-car collector case."

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