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Tracks like these have been about for nearly as long as the vehicles have. It appears only natural to move from racing the cars down the corridor to launching them off a newly assembled set of tracks. These come in a range of styles that vary from ultra-simple starter tracks to much more elaborate super-jump raceways. Naturally, parents can contribute to the enjoyable by assembling the tracks. All sets are accompanied by illustrated instructions.

Obtaining a Hot Wheels starter track for your child is a great way of teaching him or her to care for their belongings, as the tracks are made of plastic. Hot Wheels enthusiasts can move on to more complex items such as the trick tracks. These can be combined together to trigger a veritable cascade of consecutive stunts. However, each stunt demands one automobile to be able to be carried out successfully. That precisely what you'll need - another excuse to buy much more vehicles!

Obviously, the question of not having enough cars shouldn't happen to most Hot Wheels collectors. You are able to watch your car go the distance whenever you launch it from the jump raceway set, or just let it get large air and crash to the ground with the speed racer sky jump set.

Those having a sci-fi or futuristic bent may wish to attempt the Hot Wheels turbo-glo turbo tunnel track set. Setting it up within the dark might prove to be a challenge, but watching your turbo-glo vehicles streaking via it and leaving incandescent trails of light will make all of the effort worthwhile. This set is accompanied by one turbo-glo automobile, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from adding a couple of much more of one's own.

The dragon fire track set might just be the factor for enthusiasts who like drama and a little battery-powered action. Unsuitable for anyone below the age of three due to small parts which present a choking hazard; this set recreates an act much more commonly seen in a circus large leading stunt but with out the inherent danger. The aim of the game is to launch your automobile through 3 inverted jumps, 4 crash zones, and 4 motorized boosters along with a final super loop to behead a fire breathing dragon.

In this game, the player assumes the role of a stun car driver that goes through a series of different venues in an attempt to become the best driver in all the hot wheels games. Obviously, we also discover that this is really a racing game as well, so other people can grab a controller and benefit from this game also. This doesn't mean that your child cannot play solo if there is not anyone about to challenge them. They can in turn choose to go up against some of the AI players and wind up expanding their skill sets when they do take on their friends along with other loved ones members as well.

Coming truer to the original vision of their creators, Beat That! takes the gaming action to the floors of bedrooms, backyards and much more as racers play on the old-fashioned tracks against other AI and actual life players to become the leading car.

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