This is the Octopark Playset, released in 2007. It featured a Deora II in an exclusive color. There was a button you could push and a voice would say things such as "Ah, forget about it."


Deora II - Octopark

This is the Deora II that was included with the set.

"It's tentacle trouble at the shore! Launch your Hot Wheels car from the shark tooth gate and avoid the tentacle traps. Time your race just right and knock out this Octo-menace! Miss, and you'll take a dive!

  • Sharkfin Launcher
  • Tentacle Ejector
  • Chomping Jaws
  • 1 Hot Wheels Vehicle

Octopark Playset - 2552cf

The Octopark Playset, released in 2007.

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