ORDDRR or Off-Road Deep-Dish Real Riders is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types. The tires are made of rubber and have deep treads. This wheel looks a lot like the regular DDRR, but has off-road tires. This wheel is sometimes—wrongly—called ORRR (Off-Road Real Riders).

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
Red Line ORDDRR RLORDDRR Red Line Off-Road Deep-Dish Real Riders 2014 Used on the 2014 Texas Drive 'Em from the Pop Culture Series - General Mills: Cocoa Puffs.
Image Not Available BFGORDDRR BF Goodrich ORDDRR 2015 Used on the 2015 Toyota Off-Road Truck Super Treasure Hunt.
Image Not Available CORDDRR Chrome ORDDRR 2017 - present Used on the 2017 Toyota Off-Road Truck Super Treasure Hunt.

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