Released in 2012, featured art of various Hanna-Barbera characters/shows.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
'34 Ford Delivery Hong Kong Phooey White Image Not Available DSC004182
'56 Ford Truck The Flintstones Purple IMG 3229c-2 1000 DSC004891
'64 GMC Panel Yogi Bear Metalflake Brown IMG 3218c1000 DSC00491
Custom '77 Dodge Van Scooby-Doo! Teal IMG 3226c-2 1000 DSC00487
Hiway Hauler Tom and Jerry Black Cab / Brown Box HBTom&jerry DSC00493
Surfin' School Bus The Jetsons Metalflake Silver Plastic Base!! Image Not Available DSC00484

Pin-Up/Nose Art

Released in 2012.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
W6636 '67 Austin Mini Van "Winnie's Taxi" Blue RR New Tool NOSEMini Image Not Available
W6642 '67 Ford Bronco "Lucky Lady" , "13" Baby Blue RR NoseBRONCO 430148 317573648307630 100001649922600 905191 635631266 n
W6673 Baja Breaker "HW12" Nose Art Zamac RR NoseBaja2012 Image Not Available
W6639 Customized C3500 "Bonny Lass" Silver / Black RR FTE RR / Metal Base NOSEC3500 Image Not Available
Dairy Delivery "Special Delivery" , "Bombs Away" Green / Tan RR NOSEDairy 423068 317573864974275 100001649922600 905192 1895970513 n
W6641 Dream Van XGW "American Beauty" White / Red Stripes RR XGW2012NoseART Image Not Available


Various Hershey's Brands 2012 series, each with matching card art.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
W6635 Volkswagen Micro Bus Reese's Pieces Orange RR New Tool Nostalgia2012HERSHEYReesePieces Nostalgia2012HERSHEYreesepiecesCARD
W6644 Super Van Hershey's Syrup Dark Brown RR Nostalgia2012HERSHEYSyrup Nostalgia2012HERSHEYSyrupCARD
W6647 Custom '69 Volkswagen Squareback Jolly Rancher Metalflake Light Blue RR Nostalgia2012HERSHEYjollyrancher Nostalgia2012HERSHEYjollyrancherCARD
W6667 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon 5th Avenue Brown RR Nostalgia2012HERSHEY5thAvenue Nostalgia2012HERSHEY5thAvenueCARD
W6643 '63 Studebaker Champ Whatchamacallit Tan RR FTE RR / Metal Base Nostalgia2012HERSHEYWhatchamacallit Nostalgia2012HERSHEYwhatchaCARD
W6645 '71 El Camino PayDay Blue / White RR Nostalgia2012HERSHEYPayDay Nostalgia2012HERSHEYpaydayCARD

Carvel Ice Cream

Released in 2012, featuring various Carvel Ice Cream lines

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
W6662 '57 Buick Orange / White RR '57 Buick-Nostalgic Brands Nostalgic Brands-Carvel Ice Cream
Bread Box Fudgie White RR CarvelBreadBox Carvel Ice Cream Bread Box - 06086ef
W5148 Custom '52 Chevy Soft Serve Cone Cream / Chocolate RR New Tool CarvelChevy Custom '52 Chevy-2012 Carvel Ice Cream
Haulin' Gas Flying Saucer Tan RR Carvel Ice Cream Hauling Gas Image Not Available
Ice Cream Truck Carvel Delivery Blue RR CarvelIceCreamTruck Image Not Available
Power Panel Ice Cream Pie Red RR 2012-Nostalgia-Carvel-PowerPanel-Red 2012-Nostalgia-Carvel-PowerPanel-Red-Carded

Saturday Evening Post

Released in 2012, featuring Norman Rockwell Art

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
W6637 '34 Dodge Delivery "Blank Canvas" October 8, 1938 Mint Green / White RR New Tool Image Not Available SEPDodgeCarded
W6658 '51 GMC C.O.E. "Rosie the Riveter" May 29, 1943 Anodized Blue RR SEPCOE SEPCOECard
W5153 '70 Chevy Blazer "Gone Fishing" July 19, 1930 Lime Green RR SEPBlazer SEPBlazerCard
W6656 '59 Chevy Delivery "100th Anniversary of Baseball" July 8,1939 Black / White RR SEPChevy Sepchevycard
W6654 Dairy Delivery

"Tattoo Artist" March 4, 1944

Tan RR SEPDairy Sepdairycard
W6657 Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon "Sport" April 29, 1939 Grey RR SEPVOLKS Sepvwcard


Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
'56 Chevy Nomad KISS "Paul Stanley" Purple / Black RR '56 Chevy Nomad 2012-12-13-2390
W5155 '66 Dodge A100 OZZY OZBOURNE Grey Chrome rimmed RRS Base Code(s): E22 Image Not Available 2012-12-13-2391
'72 Ford Ranchero AC / DC "Back in Black" Matte Black RR 2012-08-05-468 2012-08-04-410
W6674 Anglia Panel Truck OZZY Brown / Tan Red Chrome RR5SP Engine Revealer Image Not Available 2012-12-13-2389
W6649 '59 Chevy Delivery KISS "Gene Simmons" Red / White / Black RR Image Not Available Chevy-Delivey-KISS
Deco Delivery AC / DC "Highway to Hell" RR Image Not Available 2012-12-13-2388

DC Comics 2012

featuring Nostalgic DC Character

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
W6666 '56 Flashsider Plastic Man Brown / Cream RR Smoothie Base Code(s): E23 Image Not Available '56 Flashsider-2012 Nostalgic Brands
W6664 '65 Ford Ranchero Aquaman Aqua Blue RR 5SP E23 Image Not Available '65 Ford Ranchero-2012 Nostalgic Brands
8 Crate Riddler Purple RR Image Not Available Image Not Available
W6669 '59 Cadillac Funny Car Batgirl Silver RR Image Not Available Cadillac-Funny-Car-Batgirl
'38 Dodge Airflow RR New Tool Image Not Available Image Not Available
Dream Van XGW Darkseid Yellow RR Image Not Available Image Not Available

Atari 2012

Released in 2012, featuring Nostalgic Atari

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
W6650 GMC Motorhome Atari 2600 Image Not Available 2012 Atari GMC Motohome (Atari 2600)
W6651 Cool-One Centipede Image Not Available 2012 Atari Cool-One (Centipede)
W6661 Custom '52 Chevy Pong Image Not Available 2012 Atari Custom 52 Chevy (Pong)
W6670 '55 Chevy Panel Tempest Image Not Available 2012 Atari 55 Chevy Panel (Tempest)
W6671 '49 Ford C.O.E. Breakout '49 Ford C.O.E.-2012 Atari 2012 Atari 49 Ford COE (Breakout)
W6672 Fast Gassin Missile Command Image Not Available 2012 Atari Fast Gassin (Missile Command)


Masters of the Universe

Released in 2011, the Masters of the Universe series featured various characters from the hit brand.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
V6811 '29 Ford Pickup Orko Cream with Magenta Side Steps IMG 3398 Masters of the Universe 29' Ford Pickup
'34 Ford Delivery Thunder Punch He-Man White Line RR5SP Image Not Available Masters of the Universe 34' Ford Sedan Delivery
V6808 '49 Ford C.O.E. Eternia Playset Box Art White and Mauve RR5SP IMG 3772 NostalgiaHeManCoe
V5229 '50s Chevy Truck Skeletor and Panthor Metalflake Purple NostalgiaMOTUtruck Masters of the Universe '50s Chevy Truck
'57 Buick Battle Armor Skeletor and Night Stalker Night Stalker Box Art IMG 3548 Masters of the Universe '57 Buick
'59 Cadillac Funny Car Slime Pit Playset Box Art Green RR5SP IMG 3420 Masters of the Universe '59 Cadillac Funny Car
V5231 Custom '77 Dodge Van Battle Armor He-Man and Battle Cat Metalflake Gold RRC 77 Dodge Van - 11 MOTV Masters of the Universe Custom 77' Dodge Van
Dairy Delivery Battle Armor Skeletor and Land Shark Silver RR5SP IMG 3762 Masters of the Universe Dairy Delivery
Double Demon Delivery Skeletor and He-Man on Battle Cat? Red with Gold Top Toys'R'Us 4 Pack MOTU4packDemonDelivery MOTU-4Pack
Bread Box Skeletor and ... Yellow Toys'R'Us 4 Pack MOTU4packBreadBox MOTU-4Pack
Deco Delivery He-Man and Battle Cat Black and Red Toys'R'Us 4 Pack MOTU4packDecoDelivery MOTU-4Pack
'64 GMC Panel He-Man and ... Blue with Red Top Toys'R'Us 4 Pack MOTU4pack64GMCPanel MOTU-4Pack

DC Comics

Released in 2011, the DC Comics series featured comic artwork of various DC Comics characters.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
V2191 '50s Chevy Truck Lex Luthor Green LEXLuthorCLOSE LEX
V6859 '56 Chevy Nomad Joker Purple JokerCLOSE Joker
V6810 '64 GMC Panel Superman Blue SupermanCLOSE Superman
V2189 Bread Box Harley Quinn Silver / Pink FTE time RR / Metal base HarleyQuinnCLOSER Harley
V2187 Custom '70 Chevelle Wagon The Flash Gold New Tool Panel Wagon FlashCLOSE Flash
V2190 Deco Delivery Wonder Woman White WonderWomanCLOSE WonderWoman
V6852 Double Demon Delivery Batman Black Batman Wheels BatmanCLOSE Batman
V2192 Hiway Hauler Bizarro Red Cab / Blue Box BizarroCLOSER Bizzaro
X0813 '59 Cadillac Funny Car Catwoman Purple / Green Wal-Mart 4-Pack Catwoman 59 Caddy 100 4294
X0813 Custom '77 Dodge Van Penguin Black Wal-Mart 4-Pack Penguin Dodge Van 100 4294
X0813 '34 Ford Delivery Robin Green / Yellow Wal-Mart 4-Pack Robin 34 Ford 100 4294
X0813 '50s Chevy Truck Batman Black Wal-Mart 4-Pack Batman 50s Chevy 100 4294

General Mills

Released in 2011, the General Mills series featured cereal box artwork from various General Mills cereal.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
'51 GMC C.O.E. Honey Nut Cheerios Tan Cab / Brown Crate New Tool IMG 2118c 1000 IMG 1808a1000
'57 Buick Station Wagon Cocoa Puffs Brown 0418122121 IMG 0435
Custom '70 Chevelle Wagon Count Chocula Anodized Blue New Tool. Panel Wagon. CountChoculaCLOSE IMG 2404a1000
'70s Van Wheaties Orange WheatiesCLOSE IMG 1806a1000
Deco Delivery Trix White / Red IMG 2392b1000 IMG 2403a1000
'29 Ford Pickup Boo Berry White / Blue Purple / Blue Steelie White walls Image Not Available Boo Berry
'49 Ford C.O.E. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Red IMG 2401c1000 IMG 1807a1000
V2188 Custom '77 Dodge Van Franken Berry Pink RR5SP IMG 2098c 1000 2011NostalgiaFrankenBerryPackage
Hiway Hauler Lucky Charms Green Cab / Red Box IMG 3203-b IMG 1805a1000


Released in 2011, the Hersheys series featured artwork of various candies released by the Hershey company. All vehicles in this series also feature some sort of winter artwork as well...from snow flakes to snow spray.

Toy # Casting Name Theme Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
'34 Ford Delivery Good & Plenty Purple WWRR 2011 Hersheys Real Riders Good N Plenty 34 Ford Sedan Image Not Available
'51 GMC C.O.E. Mounds Red WLRR IMG 2447c1000 Image Not Available
'56 Chevy Nomad Whoppers Red/Beige RLSteelie 2011 Hersheys Whoppers 56 Chevy Nomad Image Not Available
'59 Cadillac Funny Car Hershey's Brown RR5SP 2011 Hersheys Real Riders Custom 59 Cadillac Wagon (Funny Car) Image Not Available
'64 GMC Panel Hershey's Miniatures Blue/White BLRR5SP IMG 2442c1000 Image Not Available
'70s Van Twizzlers Red DDRR IMG 3200-b IMG 3198-b
Dairy Delivery York Peppermint Patty White RR5SP IMG 2436c1000 Image Not Available
Dream Van XGW Reese's Orange TRR IMG 2456c1000 ReeseXGW
Haulin' Gas Milk Duds Yellow WLRR5SP



IMG 3194-b IMG 3197-b
V6861 Smokin' Grille Almond Joy Blue RRPrf



Smokin Grille - Hersheys HotWheels-GarageK017-1

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