Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - present
Designer Harald Belker
Number G8118

Part of the AcceleRacers series and is seen in the movies as part of the Silencerz team. It first appears during a huge wreck from a fatal fall upon Dr. Tezla's failure at gettng the Wheel of Power. Dr. Tezla then used a built-in EDR inside the vehicle to exit the Drones' Headquarters. It's seen again in Breaking Point when Dr. Tezla finds that the Silencerz have secretly entered the Neon Pipeline Realm and attempts to stop them. It's seen a third and final time towards the end of The Ultimate Race escaping the AcceleDrome with Lani Tam driving it.

The car is powered by a 460 Horsepower, DOHC 4.3 Liter V6 engine that is supercharged and fuel injected. Nitrium's chassis are made of aluminum and the body being carbon fiber. Having fully adjustable coilovers as well as independent rear suspension. In the end, the car has 20" wheels.


The Nitrium has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
2005 AcceleRacers - Silencerz # 2 Silver Silver stripes Black / Metal Purple Chrome Purple Tire  CM6 G8118 Malaysia Flat or Metallic Silver Nitrium-silver-cm6
2005 AcceleRacers - Silencerz #2 Silver Silver stripes Black / Metal Purple Chrome Purple Tire CM5 G8118 Malaysia Flat or Mettalic Silver Nitrium-silver-cm5
2005 McDonald's Metalflake Silver Black grille & Silver engine covers Black / Plastic Purple N/A Purple Tire Mc6SP China Lights up with switch on base HW Nitrium Silver McDonald's 01 DSCF8305
2006 Acceleracers Droned series Black Green Silver Unpainted / Metal Green Chrome Green Tire CM6 Malaysia Code ROM217 Nitrium-Droned
2008 Daredevil Stunt Track White Gray Red/Blue Unpainted / Metal Dark Blue Red Chrome OH5 China Nitrium-Gray
2008 Daredevil Stunt Track White Gray Red/Blue Unpainted / Metal Dark Blue Red Chrome 5SP China Nitrium-Gray-5sp
2008 Daredevil Stunt Track Chrome Red/Blue Unpainted / Metal

Light Blue

Red Chrome OH5 China Date Code 1398AZ Nitrium5
15/25 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends #15 Metalflake Olive Black/White Dragon Livery Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome Gold Chrome OH5 N/A Connectnitrium
N/A 2012 Mega Loop Mayhem Red Black/Yellow & White "STUNT TEAM" Unpainted / Metal Light Blue Chrome Yellow Outer Rim OH5 W4249 Nitrium-g
5pk 2013 Triple Track Twister 5-Pack Clear HW logo, "THE FASTEST RECORD", Orange 0 Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome Light Blue OH5 X9855 Base code(s): F28, F44, HW triple track twister 005
1/12 2015 Mystery Models Blue HW logo, "THE FASTEST RECORD" Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome Orange Outer Rim PR5 Nitrium-j