Released in 2010, the Muscle Mania Series featured 10 Hot Wheels Muscle Car Castings. All cars featured the MC5 wheel. Click HERE to see the other Muscle Mania Series releases.


The Following Castings were in the Muscle Mania Series:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1 AMC Javelin AMX Metallic Red Chrome Plastic Clear Black MC5 Malaysia Also a Blue Variation Base Code(s):B52 C15 4550937621 c8888de061 t
2 '70 Plymouth AAR Cuda White and Matte Black Black Plastic Clear Black MC5 Malaysia Base Code(s): C10

4551577034 9fc17a4e66 t

3 '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator Metalflake Olive Green Chrome Plastic Tinted Green MC5 Malaysia Base Code(s): C05, C06, C10

4616045422 5782824ea0 t

4 '66 Ford Fairlane GT Yellow,Black and Silver Chrome Plastic Clear White MC5 Malaysia Base Code(s): B51 C03 C04 C06 4551576818 5e08f27197 t
5 '70 Buick GSX Metalflake Dark Blue Chrome Plastic Clear Black MC5 Malaysia Base Code(s): C03 (Darker Blue), C10

4468993426 7d17357732 t

6 '69 Pontiac GTO Orange Black Plastic Clear Chrome MC5 Malaysia Base Code(s): C14, C15

75px-Gto judge orange

7 '67 Dodge Charger Metalflake Light Blue Chrome Plastic Clear Black MC5 Malaysia Base Code(s): B44 C12 Also Metalflake Gold & Black Variation 4616045064 626258e25f t
8 '67 Camaro Black Unpainted Metal Tinted Gray MC5 Malaysia 1st release Black
2nd release Orange
75px-67 camaro 2010 Muscle Mania
9 '70 Plymouth Superbird Satin Green Gray Plastic Clear Cream MC5 Malaysia Also Orange & White K Day Variation

4740507482 10a4988338 t

10 '69 Pontiac Firebird T/A Black Chrome Plastic Clear Chrome MC5 Malaysia

4632984478 e069f0e831 t

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