Motor Cycles-2013

Motor Cycles

Motor Cycles is a 2012 line made up of motorcycles with a removable plastic rider.

Year Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
2012 W5407 HW450F Green ORMC Image Not Available W5407
2012 W5411 OCC Splitback Orange Red MC3 Image Not Available W5411
2012 W5414 Pit Cruiser Dark blue MC3 DSCN8067 W5414
2012 X6568 Ducati 1098R Teal Blue MC3 Image Not Available X6568
2012 X6569 Ducati 1098R Red Black MCPR5 Image Not Available X6569
2012 X2075 Fright Bike Teal Chrome Blue MC3 Base code(s): E19 Image Not Available Fright Bike package front
2012 X2076 Hammer Sled Black Chrome rimmed MC5 Hammer Sled-2013 Motor Cycles X2076
2012 X2077 Dodge Tomahawk Silver Tomahawk DSCN2890 X2077
2012 X2078 Airy 8 Metallic Copper Chrome Gold rim MC5 Airy 8-2012 Motor Cycles X2078
2012 X2079 Canyon Carver Magenta Orange MC3 Base Code(s): E37 2013-MotorCycles-CanyonCarver-Purple X2079
2012 X2080 Ducati 1098R Yellow Black MCPR5 HW-Motor Cycles-Ducati 1098R X2080
2012 X2081 Scorchin' Scooter Metalflake Light Blue Chrome Red & Black MC3 Base code(s): F11, F38 HW-MotorCycles-Scorchin' Scooter Scorchin' Scooter package front
2012 X2082 Bat-Pod Black Wide MC Retool 2013-MotorCycles-BatPod X2082
2012 X2083 Tred Shredder Blue ORMC New Casting HW-Motor Cycles-Tred Shredder X2083
2012 X2084 Bad Bagger White Clear red MC3 IMG 4051 X2084
2012 X2085 W-Oozie Yellow MC3 IMG 3955 X2085
2012 X2086 Blast Lane Metallic Green Yellow Rimmed MC3 IMG 4050 X2086
2012 X2087 Blastous Flat black / silver Clear red MC3 Image Not Available X2087
2012 X2088 3-Squealer Red OH5 / MC3 New Casting 3-SQUEALER -2013 X2088
2012 X2089 Tri & Stop Me Green Green MC3 / Green PR5 Image Not Available X2089
2012 X2090 HW450F White Orange ORMC HW450F-2013 Motor Cycles X2090
2012 X2091 Pit Cruiser Blue Yellow MC3 Image Not Available X2091
2013 Y0279 Street Noz Red, satin grey Red rim MC3 Base code(s): F17 Street Noz-Motor Cycles 2013 Y0279
2013 Y0280 Gamma Racer Green Green MC3 Image Not Available Y0280
2013 Y0281 Skullface Flat Beige & Red Chrome Red MC3 Base code(s): F41 HW-Motor Cycles-SkullFace Skullface package front
2013 Y0282 Urban Weaver Yellow Red MC3 Image Not Available Y0282
2013 Y0283 Speed Seeker Moto Gold Gold MC3 DSCN8047 Y0283
2013 Y0284 Fright Bike Clear dark red Black MC3 DSCN6109 Y0284
2013 Y0285 Ducati 1098R White Black MCPR5 Image Not Available Y0285
2013 Y0286 HW450F Black Yellow ORMC Image Not Available Y0286
2013 Y0287 OCC Splitback Green Green MC3 Image Not Available Y0287
2013 Y0288 Pit Cruiser Red MC3 Image Not Available Y0288
2013 Y0289 Yamaha VMax Grey MC3 HW-Motor Cycles-Yamaha Vmax Y0289
2013 Y0290 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Blue Chrome rim MC3 Base Code: F17 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy-Motor Cycles 2013 Y0290
2013 Y0291 Blastous Moto 2 Metallic Pale Blue Yellow rim, Black PR5 (rear) / Yellow MC5 (front) Blastous Moto-Motor Cycles 2013 Y0291
2015 CGB90 Tred Shredder Orange Gold ORMC Image Not Available CGB90
2015 CGC01 Tri & Stop Me Orange Blue MC3 / Orange OH5 Image Not Available CGC01
2015 CGC02 Blast Lane Turquoise Clear blue MC3 Image Not Available CGC02
2015 CGC03 Scorchin' Scooter Flat black White/black MC3 Image Not Available CGC03
2015 CGC04 W-Oozie Green MC3 Image Not Available CGC04
2015 CGC08 Pit Cruiser Purple Yellow MC3 Image Not Available CGC08
2015 CGC09 Gamma Racer Gold Clear yellow MC3 Image Not Available CGC09
2015 CGC11 Street Noz Flat black Red MC3 Image Not Available CGC11
2015 CGC12 Blastous II Yellow Clear yellow MC3 Image Not Available CGC12
2015 CGC13 Airy 8 Unfinished MC5 Image Not Available CGC13

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