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Mitsubishi Eclipse
Debut Series 2003 First Editions #42
Produced 2003-present
Designer Eric Tscherne
Number 2003-054
03 Eclipse

The 'Tooned Mitsubishi Eclipse was one of the first "'Tooned" models debuting a year prior to the oficial release of the Hot 100. Along with 'tooned models like the Escalade, F-150, 41 Ford, 68 Mustang and Altezza these models ushered in a controversial new style of Hot Wheels to the market. Mitsubishi Eclipse actually is a tuners cars not a JDM. is based real life second generation of 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse but with cartoonish style. 

It's known that Tscherne owned a similar model Eclipse which was replicated as a Hot Tunerz model. Tscherne's vehicle was a convertible.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
054 2003 2003 First Editions #42 Red Dark blue & white Hot Wheels Logos & Sponsor Graphics on sides and hood Black Plastic Tinted Chrome Chrome PR5 56394 Malaysia 03 Eclipse
184 2004 Roll Patrol Series Silver Blue / gold / black / white, "K-9", "Hot Wheels Police Chase Crew" Blue tint Blue PR5 ToonedMitsubishiEclipseB3780
10 / 12 2007 2007 Egg-Clusives Series Light Green Green, Red, Yellow, and White tampos on sides and hood Chrome Plastic Black Chrome 5SP L4709 Thailand Wal-Mart Eclipse egg
N/A 2009 Volcano Shooters 5-Pack Metallic Dark Blue Red Flames on side outlined in yellow ? Plastic Red Tint ? Gold Chrome PR5 ? ? Image Not Available

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