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Mike is a master of toy design. Known by his peers as "Track Master Mike" he has pretty much seen it all, done it all, etc. He can whip out a great concept sketch faster than most people can pick up their pen.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2000 Metrorail 2002 First Editions 23/36 FE Metrorail
2001 '57 Roadster 2001 First Editions 32/36 FE 57 Roadster
2002 Jaded 2002 First Editions 22/42 FE Jaded
2004 Bedlam 2004 First Editions 27/100 Body Shop Bedlam
2004 Fatbax Mustang GT 2004 2004 First Editions 41/100 FE MustangGT2004
2005 Blings '67 Chevy II 2005 First Editions 40/60 FE Blings 67 Chevy II
2006 Hot Tub 2006 First Editions 26/38 FE Hot Tub
2010 Spider Rider 2010 New Models Spiderrider newmodel
2011 '65 Ford Ranchero 2011 New Models 65FordRanchero Red
2012 '61 Impala 2012 New Models 37/50 2012-61Impapa-Burgundy

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