Mig Rig
Debut Series HW Racing - HW Race Team
Produced 2013-present
Designer Larry Wood
Number X1661
Mig Rig 13NM


This truck is done the Hot Wheels way: chopped roof, mid-mounted V8 engine, nitrous and more horsepower than you could ever imagine on a pick-up! The Mig Rig, designed by Hot Wheels guru Larry Wood carries all the tools necessary to do the job: welding gear, hammer, different pipes, a jack, and a 4-way lug wrench. With a winch on the back, this pick-up is prepared for everything! 

According to the Site (1952-chevrolet-trucks ) the structure of Mig Rig was based on the 1952 Chevrolet pickup Cab Over Engine (COE) or cab forward is a body style of truck where the cab of the truck is sitting above the front axle. The COE trucks were usually built to comply with laws governing overall vehicle lengths.
Mig Rig - Chevy Truck 52


The Mig Rig has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
109  /  250 2013 Race Team  9/10 Metalflake Blue White, Red & Yellow HW logo, 'Track Maintenance', White & Red stripes & '6' on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome 5SP X1661 Malaysia Base code(s): F15  New Models Mig Rig 13NM
109  /  250 2013 Race Team  9/10 White Red, Yellow & Blue HW logo, 'Track Maintenance', Red & Blue stripes & '6' on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome Chrome Red & Black MC5 X1937 Malaysia Base code(s): F27   

New Model

2013 X1937 Mig Rig White
2014 Pop Culture  General Mills (Boo Berry) Metalflake Blue & White Boo Berry deco on sides & roof Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome Purple Dot RR10SP BDR57 Thailand Base code(s): G30 HW-General Mills-Mig Rig-Boo Berry.
9     / 250 2015 HW City  City Works  9/10 Red Beige & Black tampos, 'Mig Rig Speed Shop' on sides, 'Road Service' & HW logo on doors Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Smoke) Chrome 5SP CFH33 Malaysia Base code(s): G37, G38 
Mig Rig red 2015
9    /    250 2015 HW City City Works  9/10 Dark Turquoise Beige & Black tampos, 'Mig Rig Speed Shop' on sides, 'Road Service' & HW logo on doors Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome Gold 5SP CFL37 Malaysia Base code(s): H09
15 / 18 2015 HW Heritage Pearl Pink Burgundy designs on top & sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome RL CFN86 Malaysia Base code(s): H48 MigRigCFN86
038 / 250 2016 Super Chromes Chrome Dark Blue stripes on sides, 'Super Chromes Speed Shop' logo & TH logo on sides Flat Black / Metal Tinted (Blue) Black Chrome & Dark Blue OH5SP DHP66 Malaysia Base code(s): H51   2016 Treasure Hunts Series Mig Rig 2016 TH
7/10 2017 Vintage American Muscle Dark Blue White stripes and panel outlines, 'HW Garage' on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome White 5SP DWC48 Thailand Base code(s): K03 2017 Mig Rig
089 / 365 2018 Super Chromes  7/10 Chrome Yellow and Black stripes with Mig Rig Body Shop on sides. Black / Plastic Tinted Yellow Black Chrome Rimmed Yellow 5SP FJX04 Malaysia Base code(s): K41 MIGRIGFJX04

2013 card

From the back of the 2013 card:

Born: 2013
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA USA
Desginer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: Larry Wood-designed vintage-style pickup, with mid-mounted V8 motor and plenty of welding tools in the back. Who says you can't work hard and get there in quick style?