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Micro5SP or Micro 5-Spoke is a line of Hot Wheels wheel types .

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
MW - 7035bf MW Micro Wheel These are the tiny rollers used in Military-themed vehicles
Wheels.MGW.100x100 MGW Black Micro5SP 1993-2002 Used for really small wheels. About the same size as micro wheels Micro5SP Micro5SP 2001-present Replaced MGW - Chrome face
Chrome Magenta Micro5SP CMMicro5SP Chrome Magenta Micro5SP 2012-present Used on the Hyper Mite fromt the Happy Halloween! series.
Chrome Red Micro5SP CRMicro5SP Chrome Red Micro5SP 2013-present Used on the 2013 Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler from the Flying  Customs Series.
8mm 5SP CMicro5SP Clear Micro 5SP 2015-present Used on the 2015 Ice Shredder.
Black Micro5SP BMicro5SP Black Micro5SP (at least) 2015 - present Used on the 2015 Ice Shredder.
Image Not Available YMicro5SP Yellow Micro5SP 2017 - present Used on the 2017 The Beatles Yellow Submarine.

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