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Metrorail / Nash Metropolitan
Debut Series 2000 First Editions
Produced 2000 - 2012
Designer Mike Nuttall
FE Metrorail


The Metrorail is an original Hot Wheels design based on a customized 1950's Nash Metropolitan, one of the first American "subcompact" cars. The Metropolitan was an American design built at Austin's Longbridge plant in England, and then exported to the USA and Canadian markets.

The Hot Wheels version was designed by Mike Nuttall and has a dramatically elongated hood, plus a supercharged V8 engine.


The Metrorail Nash Metropolitan has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
23 2000 2000 First Editions 23/36 Teal White Sides w/"Metrorail" tampo Chrome / Plastic Dark Smoke tint Chrome 5SP Malaysia FE Metrorail
76 2001 Logo-Motive 4/4 White Black and Orange Flame Tampos Chrome / Plastic Orange Chrome 5SP Malaysia Logo-Motive Metrorail - 5718cf
160 2001 2001 Hot Wheels Red White Sides w/Metrorail Tampo Chrome / Plastic Purple Chrome 5SP China Red and White Metrorail - 5719cf
206 2002 2002 Hot Wheels Silver Black, Blue, and White Pursuit Tampos Chrome / Plastic Blue Chrome 5SP China Pursuit Metrorail - 5716cf
N/A 2002 Target Originals Black Red Side with Flame Tampos Chrome / Plastic Tinted Chrome 5SP Malaysia Target Exclusive Image Not Available
097 2003 Crazed Clowns 3/5 Purple Clown Tampos Gold / Plastic Blue Gold Red 5SP 57234 Malaysia Base says both "Metrorail" and "Nash Metropolitan" Metro rail Nash Metropolitan 001
157 2004 Scrapheads Series 5/5 Black Gray Tampos Chrome / Plastic Red Chrome 5SP B3878 Thailand 2004-157-NashMetropolitan-Black
2004 Halloween Highway Series 2-Pack Purple Hag Racer Tampos Silver / Plastic Green Chrome 5SP G5262 Image Not Available
N/A 2005 Wild Cats Gift Pack Blue Tiger Tampos Chrome / Plastic Blue Chrome 5SP China Wildcat Metrorail
16 2007 Street Show 16/32 Yellow White Sides w/Silver Trim Chrome / Plastic Black Chrome RR Wal-Mart Exclusive Image Not Available
2008 Clover Cars Series 3/8 Black Orange Flames with Pot O' Gold Tampos Gold / Plastic Orange Gold Gold 5DOT N1120 Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusive Clvr nash
3/20 2009 Larry's Garage Satin Black Yellow, red & green flames on sides Chrome / Plastic Green Chrome LW5 N9047 Malaysia LRW on Base Metrorail LG Black
3/20 2009 Larry's Garage Metalflake Green Yellow, black & green flames on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Chrome LW5 N9047 Malaysia LRW on Base Metrorail Nash Metropolitan
3/20 2009 Larry's Garage Pink Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Light Blue flames on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Chrome LW5 N9047 Malaysia LRW on Base Larrys Metrorail
3/20 2009 Larry's Garage Metalflake Light Blue Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Silver flames on sides Chrome / Plastic Light Blue Tint Chrome LW5 N9047 Malaysia Metrorail Nash Metropolitan Blue
3/21 2009 Larry's Garage 21-Car Set Metalflake Sky Blue Orange, white, black & silver tampos Black / Plastic Black Tint Unseen Chrome-Rim, Black LW5 Malaysia Metrorail - LG21Set
2011 HW Hot Rods 5-Pack Metallic Blue Orange, Red and Yellow flame panels Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Gray Red Chrome 5SP T8635 Thailand Metrorail HotRod5


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