Mercedes-Benz C-111
Produced 1973
Designer Bruno Sacco (Mercedes-Benz C-111)

Larry Wood (Hot Wheels)

Number 6978

Mercedes benz c 111


Enamel paints became the normal paints for 1973 due to lead in the Spectra-flame paint. The Mercedes-Benz C-111 was reissued this year with the new child safe paint.

Generally 1973 Hot Wheels will be found with Capped Rear Red-lines and the new Open Axle on the front, but they rarely are found with both open axle (see gallery). In early '74 most models can be found with the same wheel style as there cousin the '73's. Capped rear and Open front. There are few odd ones. The Large Charger and the Vega Bomb are two both are found with capped front wheels. Wheels are very important to pay attention too , they help unravel a era that is not full of detailed history from the design team nor Mattel.

This model has assorted interior colors. Was produced in Hong Hong. Blue tinted window.

There was only the main line-up for 1973, No series. There were other lin-ups; Revvers, Zowees, rrRumblers, Hot Shots, ChopCycles, Sizzlers, so to complete a entire set of 1973's could take decades, not to mention a house or two,


This Hot Wheels vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Year Color Sticker Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1973 Dark Enamel Blue Metal Blue Tint Grey / Silver RL 6978 HK
1973 Enamel Red Metal Blue Tint Black RL 6978 HK
Gen09 005
1973 Enamel Fluorescent Pink Metal Blue Tint RL 6978 HK Image Not Available
1973 Enamel Fluorescent Lime Green Metal Blue Tint White RL 6978 HK Image Not Available
Mercedes Benz C-111 enamel lime green metal-flake
1973 Enamel Lemon Yellow Metal Blue Tint RL 6978 HK Image Not Available
1973  Light Enamel Blue Metal Blue Tint White RL 6978 HK
73 light blue enamel Mercedes benz c111
1973 Enamel Metal Blue Tint RL 6978 HK Image Not Available
1973 Enamel Metal Blue Tint RL 6978 HK Image Not Available

Similar Casting

1972 Spectraflame


Mercedes-Benz C-111 (1972)

1974 Flying Colors

1974 Mercedes-benz c-111 grey int blue tint window capped rear

Mercedes-Benz C-111 (1974)


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