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Hotwheels Mega Bloks

Series one of the Mega Bloks Hotwheels collection

In fall 2013, Mega Bloks released a series of Hot Wheels cars known as Mega Bloks Hot Wheels. The first three Mega Bloks Hot Wheels cars released were Twinmill III, Twinduction, and Boneshaker. These series of Mega Bloks toys replaced the successful Barbie series of Mega Bloks toys.

List of sets

  • Twinmill III
  • Twinduction (Blue)
  • Boneshaker
  • Twinduction (Yellow)
  • Super Blitzen (Monster truck)
  • Drift Rail Grind
  • Fearless Stunt Jump
  • Hot Wheels Test Facility
  • Speed Racer Pit Stop


  • Each of the sets have collectible micro action figures.
  • Each of the collectible micro action figures are on different teams which are Team Blue, Team Yellow, Team Green, and Team Red.

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