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Manson Cheung is a Hot Wheels 3D Modeler. Translating the designer's ideas and drawings into a three-dimensional prototype.

List of cars sculpted by Manson Cheung:


First Editions

- Pymouth Barracuda (Blings) - Low Flow


Pixar CARS

- Lightning McQueen - Mater - The King


First Editions

- '69 Ford Torino Talladega - '65 Mustang Fastback - Impavido 1 - Carbonator

- '65 Volkswagen Fastback

Speed Racer

- Delila Street Car - GRX - Prince Kabala Race Car - Racer X Street Car - Snake Oiler Street Car - Taejo Togokhan Street Car - Thor-Axine Car


- Ferrari F430 Challenge

Batman 1/50 scale

- Batman: The Animated Series-Batmobile

- Batmobile (1989 movie version)

- Batboat (TV series)

Dream Halloween

- Darth Mater


First Editions

- Brit Speed

- '71 Dodge Demon

- AMC Javelin AMX

- '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator


HW City - Space Team

- Time Machine Hover Mode

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