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Collecting in the U.S.


The main style of the AccelePedia logo.

There are several Hot Wheels fan sites in the United States, but one of the most prominent is the AccelePedia. ( Formerly an entirely AcceleRacers / Highway 35 World Race focused reference site and forums, the AccelePedia now encompasses all things related to Hot Wheels. 

Other notable Hot Wheels fan sites include:

  • South Texas Diecast Collectors
  • HobbyTalk
  • Hot Wheels Collectors (Mattel Official)

Collecting in Brazil

Logo forum

Clube Hot Wheels Brasil

Brazil's main club is the Clube Hot Wheels Brasil (CHWB - Brazil's Hot Wheels Club, in portuguese).
Your forum to attract collectors from outside the country such as Mexico and Chile, making many friends and also good business with Brazilian collectors. Their website, along many fansites constitute a reliable source of information and a place of gathering among collectors.

The main fansites dedicated to the hot wheels culture (some of them dedicated to miniature cars in general) are:

  • T-Hunted
  • Hot Kengas Group Brasil
  • Diecast Connection
  • Hot Wheels BR
  • Minicarsbrazil

Regional Clubs and National Clubs

Some clubs began as regional as the intention was to bring together collectors of their home cities and surrounding areas.But few have done so much success that can not be consideredregional, as there are members and organize meetings in the main country. Others keep their regional characteristics, were ever to organizemeetings in the region of origin even though they are knownthroughout the collectors.

Main national club. Organizes meetings every three months at various points in the country. Possesses its own line of custom miniatures, launched from time to time and very limited editions.

Its symbol is one wheel 5SP.

  • CVML

    CVMLP example of a club organized by brazilian Hot Wheels Collectors. Its name stands for Colecionadores de Veículos Miniatura do Litoral Paulista (São Paulo's Litoral Miniature Vehicle Collectors)

    P Colecionadores de Veículos Miniaturas do Litoral Paulista (Collectors Vehicle Miniatures of Paulistian Coast)

Founded in 2009, four friends: Marcelo Dinau, Renato Arruda, Schwmmy and Luís

Vita. Residents of the city of Santos after they met they dto found a club and a forum to be a meeting point for collectors of the coast of São Paulo.

  • CDVP Colecionadores do Vale do Paraiba ( Collectors of the Valley of River Paraiba)

Founded in 2011 before the First Local Event the "Colecionadores do Vale do Paraiba" is a group of collectors of the citys of São José dos Campos, Jacarei, Taubatéand other São Paulo countryside cities.

  • HWC Hot Wheels Collectors

A major national clubs. A series of disagreements among its members, culminating with the

creation of this division CPCVMand the Club 171

  • CPCVM Clube Para Colecionadores de Veículos Miniatura (For Collectors Club Miniature Vehicle)

Dissendente Hot Wheels Club, after friction between a board administrator and Fire Fox, founder of CPCVM. Collectors whohad discussions with Fire, later founded the 171 Club.

Today its website, can not be accessed.

It dissident of CPCVM

  • Logotche

    Thêminis, collector club of strong gaucho tradition.

    TCHÊminis. Official name: Clube Gaúcho Colecionadores de Veículos Miniatura (

Gaucho Club Collectors Vehicle Miniatures.

More than a club of Rio Grande do Sul The term "the" is widely used by the gauchos, or South Riograndenses and is used to start a sentence or draw attention.

  • Mini Carros DF (Mini Cars DF)

Newly formed Club, brings together the collectors of the Federal District of Brasilia in the surrounding national capital

Main Fan Sites

One of the main if not the most important site in the country.

Usually brings about the news from Hot Wheels. Often the blog is the first website in the world to publish this information. Havingfriends in various corners of the world as Malaysia, Japan, Hungary and USA. This causes some manufacturers now and then threatens him with legal proceedings that are never takenbefore.

The Blog I walk in the air for the first to 23:19 hs in days February 19th 2009.His first story was " A magia dos T-Hunts..." about why and how the treasureshunts fascinate and are subject to lust for collectors. It was the first of a series of articles on the first day that made ​​ths blog.

Its creator Douglas Fernandes is one of the best-knowncollectors in the country among fans of the theme

Created by Amazonian rooted in the city of Parana in Curitiba,Icarus Alencar de Freitas.

This site does not publish news first hand, many beingrepublished Hunted T-site. But what makes this blog to be as bigand known by collectors as the first is the fact that the Diecast behighlighted with different content.

The Diecast Connection publishes a series of news and subjectsvaried, ranging from interviews with collectors for videos (including the publication of an advertisement for General Motorsin the 30s), or telling stories of certain subjects or seriesminiature collectibles.

But what makes the blog are his famous muto Podcast, full ofirreverent humor and a veses politically incorrect, showing thatcollecting cars are things of great people too.

  • Hot Kengas

Some Collectors

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