The Modern Concave Real Rider (or MCRR) is a type of Hot Wheels Wheel Types first used on the 2016 Hot Wheels Car Culture (Euro Style) series. The wheel consists of a slightly concave multi-spoke rim with a slick rubber tire.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
MCRR MCRR Chrome Modern Concave Real Rider 2016 - present Used on the Porsche 993 GT2 from the Car Culture (Euro Style) series.
WMCRR WMCRR White MCRR 2016 - present Used on the Fiat 500 from the Car Culture (Euro Style) series.
CHMCRR CHMCRR Chrome Gold MCRR 2016 - present Used on the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 from the Car Culture (Euro Style) series.
CBMCRR CBMCRR Chrome & Black MCRR 2016 - present Used on the '92 BMW M3 from the Car Culture (Euro Style) series.
GMCRR GMCRR Gold MCRR 2016 - present Used on the Porsche 935/78 from the Car Culture (Track Day) series.

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