Released in 2006, exclusively at Target, the Lowriders featured 6 Hot Wheels Lowrider Castings. This line of Lowriders was released along side the Super Chromes & Flying Customs as a tribute to the 1970s.


The Following Castings were in the Lowriders:

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
K4757 '65 Chevy Impala Metalflake Yellow Image Not Available
L5871 '65 Chevy Impala Pearl White 65 Impala - Lowriders White
L5872 '65 Chevy Impala Metalflake Dark Blue 65 Impala - Lowriders Black
K4758 Montezooma Metalflake Gold Known as the '74 Monte Carlo for this release. S6300055
K4759 1971 Buick Riviera Orange Image Not Available
L5864 1971 Buick Riviera Red 71 Riviera - Lowriders Red
K4760 '64 Riviera Metalflake Purple 10SP
K4760 '64 Riviera Metalflake Purple PR5
L5873 '64 Riviera Metalflake Light Green
K4761 La Troca Metalflake Olive Chrome / Plastic Solid Black Not Visible LW Malaysia 51991456 1666779736801710 3153458580355547136 n
K4762 '64 Lincoln Continental Metalflake Brown
L5865 '64 Lincoln Continental Metalflake Purple 64 Continental - Lowriders Purple