Debut Series Flying Colors
Produced 1975-77
Number 9275

Loco-Motion is a track set put out by Mattel in 1975, 1976 and 1977. In1975 it came with the Warpath car with Redline tires. 1976 it came with one car, a Super Chromes Mustang Stocker with Redline tires, (RL), and in 1977 the one car was a Super Chromes Mustang Stocker with Blackwalls, (BW). The set included:

  • 1 4-Speed Power Booster
  • 1 180-degree Turn and Base
  • 1 Dare-Devil Loop
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Joiner
  • 1 Label Sheet
  • 2 Rubber Bands
  • 5 pieces of Track with a Red, White and Blue design
  • 1 vehicle

Locomotion 0021 Locomotion 0012

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