This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 1981.

New Castings

Car Name Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
'37 Bugatti Black Red on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome BW 1696 Red Tampos on sides only, Chrome headlights and grille 37bugatti
Airport Rescue Workhorses Yellow Red and Black "AIRPORT RESCUE FIRE DEPT." Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black BW 1699 Airport Rescue - 0082cf
Bronco 4-Wheeler Black Yellow, Red & Orange stripes "FORD BRONCO" on hood Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Chrome BW 1690 Bronco 4-Wheeler BlkBluTntLft
Cannonade Yellow Purple, Red, Orange "3" Black / Plastic Clear Chrome BW 1691 Cannonade Red YelBW
Chevy Citation White Red stripe unpainted metal Clear Red BW 1693 Chevy Citation WhtBW1
Dixie Challenger Orange Red, White and Blue stripes on roof and hood Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Chrome BW 3364 Dixie Challenger Flag
Minitrek Tan Orange and Yellow stripes Brown / Metal Grey tint Red BW 1697 Base color showed at bottom of sides and bumpers Minitrek - 3195df
Mirada Stocker Red Black, Yellow and White, racing decals, "10" Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan BW 1700 Mirada Sttocker RedBW
Old Number 5 Red Yellow and Black pinstripes on hood Red / Metal No Windows Tan BW 1695 louvers on hood Old Number 5 - 3193ef
Omni 024 Grey Orange, Black, stripes, "024 Omni" Black / Metal Blue tint Red BW 1692 Omni 024
Peterbilt Tank Truck Workhorses Orange "California Construction Company" on tank Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black BW 1689 Unpainted Metal tank Peterbilt Tank Truck FE - 7609cf
Turismo Red Yellow, White, Black stripes "10" on sides unpainted metal Blue tint Tan Interior & Rear Deck BW 1694 Turismo Tan


Car Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
Auburn 852 Yellow No tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Dark Brown BW 2505 Malaysia Auburn 852 YelBW

Scene Machines

Car Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Notes Photo
Circus Cats White Black and Orange tiger, Black and Yellow "RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS" Unpainted / Metal Clear Black BW 3303 picture of two tigers can be seen Baja Breaker WhtCrcs
Racing Team Yellow Black, Red and White "Racing Team" #1 Hot Wheels logo tampos Black / Plastic Clear Brown BW
Rescue Squad Red w/Red Plastic Top no tampo Chrome Plastic Clear Chrome BW 2855 RescueSquad


Original Casting Year Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Series Rename Photo
Iron Man 1981 White Black, Red and Yellow, "Iron Man" on sides Unpainted / Metal Grey tint Tan 3301 Iron Man Iron Man Tan
Spider Man 1981 Chrome Black and Red "Silver Surfer" Blue / Plastic Blue tint Red 3300 Silver Surfer Silver-surfer-inside-story

Hot Wheels by Year

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