Released in 2009, the Larry's Garage 21-Car Set featured the 20 Hot Wheels Castings from the Larry's Garage line plus an additional "bonus" casting. This set was exclusive to Toys"R"Us.


The following castings were in the Larry's Garage 21-Car Set:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type   Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1 '69 Ford Mustang Red Black / Plastic Clear Black RR5SP Thailand 69 Mustang - LG21Set
2 '56 Chevy Red/White Unpainted / Metal Clear White White Line LW5 Malaysia 56 Chevy - LG21Set
3 Metrorail Nash Metropolitan Metalflake Sky Blue Black / Plastic Black tint unseen Chrome-Rim, Black LW5 Malaysia Metrorail - LG21Set
4 Classic Packard White Unpainted / Metal Clear Black White Wall, Black RRPrf Malaysia Packard - LG21Set
5 Wild Thing Metalflake Steel Blue Black / Plastic Red tint Chrome Malaysia Wild Thing - LG21Set
6 '67 Pontiac GTO Metalflake Olive Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Chrome-Rim, Black LW5 Malaysia 67 GTO - LG21Set
7 '63 Corvette White Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black Gold LW5 Malaysia 63 Corvette - LG21Set
8 '32 Ford Delivery Metalflake Silver / Metalflake Burgandy Unpainted / Metal Light tint Metalflake Burgandy LW5 Malaysia 32 Ford Delivery - LG21Set
9 '57 Chevy Bel Air Metalflake Gold Chrome / Plastic Black tint Black Chrome-Rim, Black LW5 Malaysia 57 Chevy - LG21Set
10 Purple Passion Metalflake Purple Unpainted / Metal Clear Grey White Line LW5 Thailand Purple Passion - LG21Set
11 3-Window '34 Metalflake Magenta Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Tan / Chrome LW5 Malaysia 3-Window 34 - LG21Set
12 Dairy Delivery Sky Blue/White Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey Red Line RR5SP Malaysia Dairy Delivery - LG21Set
13 '68 Cougar Metalflake Black Unpainted / Metal Clear Pearl Tan Red Line LW5 Malaysia 68 Cougar - LG21Set
14 T-Bucket Metalflake Copper Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black RR5SP Malaysia T Bucket - LG21Set
15 So Fine Satin Metalflake Light Blue / Dark Blue Chrome / Plastic Black tint Unseen White Line LW5 Malaysia So Fine - LG21Set
16 Shift Kicker Yellow Chrome / Plastic N/A Black Red Line RR5SP Malaysia Shift Kicker - LG21Set
17 '69 Chevy Camaro Yellow / Black Black / Plastic Clear Black Good Year LW5 Malaysia 69 Camaro - LG21Set
18 '33 Ford White / Black Chrome / Plastic Clear Red White Line LW5 Malaysia 33 Ford - LG21Set
19 Bone Shaker Satin Olive / Bright Green Black / Metal N/A Dark Chrome Chrome Rim, Black RR5SP Malaysia Bone Shaker - LG21Set
20 '70 Mercury Cyclone Metalflake Blue Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Black Red Line LW5 Malaysia 70 Cyclone - LG21Set
21 Pass'n Gasser MEtalflake Silver / Pink Pearl Unpainted / Metal N/A Chrome Front SK5, Rear RR5SP Malaysia Pass'n Gasser - LG21Set


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