Debut Series 2002 First Editions
Produced 2002 - present
Designer Mark Jones
Number 52918
Mystery Jester

Note: This casting is a Tuners version of a '69 El Camino and is styled similar to Nomadder What.

Playable in the Hot Wheels: World Race video game. It replaced the '69 El Camino and is driven by Heralda.


The Jester has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
017 2002 First Editions Purple White Green scallop on side Black plastic Green ZAMAC Chrome PR5 52918 Malaysia 017.02
115 2003 Mainline Translucent Red/Matt Black gold/white/black Black plastic Black tint ZAMAC Chrome PR5 57090 Malaysia Jester red 2003
172 2004 Track Aces
Red Orange, Yellow, Silver. "7 Jones" on Hood Red plastic Blue Blue Red PR5 ? Thailand Jester
153 2005 Mainline Blue Silver and Black tribal Blue plastic Blue Black PR5 H9061 Thailand

2005 153 Jester mainline blue window

153 2005 Mainline Blue Silver and Black tribal Blue plastic Black Black PR5 H9061 Thailand CIMG0936
179 2006 Mainline #179 Metalflake Black Hot Wheels Race Team Deco. #38 Chrome Plastic Smoke Orange Blue Chrome PR5 ? Malaysia Jester - 06 Mainline 179
12/12 2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Light Green No Tampos Black Black Unpainted Metal 5SP M3083 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive
2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Green No Tampos Unpainted Metal Yellow Unpainted Metal PR5 M7625 Thailand Target Exclusive, Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pk 07 Jester Target Holiday Hot Rod
177 2008 Mystery Cars
Clear Silver and Orange tampos on sides Black Tinted Orange Black White Rim / Black OH5 M6947 Malaysia Mystery Jester
- 2013 Triple Track Twister 5-pack Transparent Purple Number 68, HW logo Black Plastic Yellow Chrome OH5 Bronze Rim X9855 Thailand Base code(s): F29 HW triple track twister 006
- 2014 Color Shifters Yellow (Warm) / Red (Cold) Blue / Plastic Clear Unpainted / Metal Thailand
- 2016 Track Builder 5-pack Red Black, Yellow & Green stripes, White crash test dummy logos on sides Black / Plastic Clear Green Chrome Yellow PR5 DJD18 Thailand Base code(s): J09 JesterDJD18
3/6 2017 Despicable Me series Light Purple Light Blue triangle & Pink, Blue, Green, & Black graphics on sides Purple / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Chrome Chrome & Light Green 5SP DWF17 Thailand Base code(s): K17, K18 DWF17 Jester front