Debut Series First Editions
Produced 1999 - 2009
Designer Mark Jones
Number 21069
Jeepster Red


The Jeepster has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
922 1999 First Editions
Red / Black cladding Silver window trim Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 5SP 21069 Malaysia Jeepster Red
003 2000 Future Fleet
Black / Black cladding Silver, Blue, Red markings Met. Silver / Metal Blue tint Black 5SP 26006 Malaysia Jeepster Blk
140 2000 Mainline Green / Black cladding Silver, Blue, Black, White, "Jeepster" Met. Silver / Metal Black tint Black 5DOT 27105 Malaysia Jeepster Grn
2000 Philadelphia Phillies Promo Red / Black cladding White stripes on side, P logo and Jeep brand logo on sides Silver / Metal Tinted Black 5SP 28790 Thailand Handed out at one Phillies game during 2000 season 00phillies
5pk 2001 Police Cruisers White / Blue cladding Black, Gold, "HWPD" "SPECIAL SERVICE POLICE" "UNIT 6" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue 5SP 50024 Thailand Jeepster Wht
144 2002 Mainline yellow/ silver cladding black, red, white "Team Hot Wheels 02" Unpainted / Metal smoke tint gray 5SP 55029 Malaysia Jeepster144
232 2002 Mainline Turbo Jet City 5-Pack Purple / White cladding Silver, Green, "Turbo JC9" Unpainted / Metal Green tint White 5SP 54413 China 2002 232 Jeepster
171 2003 Alt Terrain
Burnt Orange metallic / Black cladding Zebra stripe motif Unpainted / metal smoke tint black White 5SP 57162 China Jeepster 2003
5pk 2004 Tiki Torchers Blue / Silver cladding Yellow, red and silver. "Lunas 2" and Image of Chupacabra Unpainted metal Clear Gray White 5DOT China Jeepster
N/A 2008 Clover Cars Pearl White / Black cladding Yellow, Light Green, and Dark Green, flames and clovers on sides and hood Black Green Gray Green 5SP N1121 Malaysia Clvr jeepster
17/50 2009 Connect Cars - Ohio Pearl White / Red cladding Blue & red Graphics. "Ohio", "17", "the Buckeye State", "FBHoF", "Jeepster" Red Metal Dark Blue Tint Red Chrome 5SP N4191 Malaysia 17 Ohio - Jeepster