Old #3
Debut Series JCPenny 100th Anniversary
Produced 2002
Number 55689
Image Not Available

JCPenny 100th Anniversary 2 Pack Old #3


Old #3 2 pack came with the following cars

Car Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
Old #3 Yellow JCPenny, 1902 - 2002, 100th anniversary Black / Metal none black seats gray steering wheel 5SP Malaysia JCP 100th Old 3
Good Humor Truck Orange

"Saucy Sanders," "Come 'N Git It" Black, White and Pink tampos

Black / Plastic

Smoke White Gold 5SP Malaysia Also used in Wild Frontier Series #3 JCP 100 Good Humor truck
Power Rocket Clear red White to pink fade honeycomb with black outline. "3" on side unpainted / metal Smoke Chrome 5DOT Thailand Has small driver figure inside cockpit JCP 100th power rocket
Silver Bullet Black Silver white and orange striped tampo metallic purple / metal red tint chrome SB Thailand JCP 100th Silver Bullet
Blimp Beige and flourescent orange Large Black, orange, white "Hot wheels" on side Orange / Metal none none none Malaysia JCP 100th Blimp
GT Racer Blue

red flames, with yellow outline and black shadow

unpainted / metal

Yellow tint unpainted metal 5DOT Malaysia JCP 100th GT Racer
MS-T Suzuka Red Yellow and black slash tampo Black / plastic Clear Gray PR5 China JCP 100th MSt Suzuka
 Hooligan Dark Purple Red flame tampo  ZAMAC None Red 5SP  China exposed engine JCP 100th hooligan
 Shredster Purple / Lime green / black Silver "Shredster" and Hot Wheels logo Chrome / Plastic Clear Black PR5 China JCP 100th Shredster
Popcycle Dark Purple Silver dotted fading tampo  ZAMAC Purple Chrome  5DOT China JCP 100th Popcycle

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