Debut Series 2006 Hot Wheels
Produced 2006-Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number J8026
Invader Phil R


The Invader made its first run in the 2006 mainline release. It features a plastic rocket that launches from the turret when pressed in the rear. In 2010 the casting lost its missile. And as of 2015 the model lost its double front axles.

Please note: there is another casting called Invader, a convertible hot rod released in 2000 in the 100% Hot Wheels series.


The Invader has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Engine Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
193 / 223 2006 2006 Hot Wheels #71 Tan Red, Grey & Beige camouflage Tan / Plastic Dark Chrome Black 5SP J8026 Malaysia Invader - 6188df
193 / 223 2006 Mainline Tan Red, Grey & Beige camouflage Tan / Plastic Dark Chrome PR5 Rear J8026 Malaysia Image Not Available
142 2007 All Stars Dark Metalflake Silver Red & Black tampos, Red star flame Black / Plastic Chrome Black 5SP L3095 Malaysia 2 different base variations - See Gallery 2007 142 Invader All stars Grey
142 2007 All Stars Green Red & Black tampos Black / Plastic Chrome Black 5SP L3095 Malaysia 2 different base variations - See Gallery 2007 142 Invader All Stars OD Green
2008 Street Beast 5-Pack Black Gray & Green Tampos Black Chrome Green 5SP L9965 Thailand Street Beast Invader - 7085cf
2008 Turbo Driver Car-Tridge Black Gray, White & Blue tampos, w/"The Arctic" Gray Chrome Blue 5SP N1714 Thailand Modified base for Car-Tridge N1714 0910 Turbo driver Invader
2009 Racing Rigs Blue Black, Gray & White camoflauge tampos, w/Star Blue Chrome 5SP N3981 Thailand Racing Rig mission control rig Invader
2009 Color Shifters Off-Road to Undercover Grey -> Dark Green Silver, Bronze & Lime Green camouflage & star Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP N4429 Thailand Invader color shifter N4429 cold
2009 Color Shifters UnderCover 2 Pack Red -> Orange Black and Red, Circle Flame, "H.W. Surplus & Salvage," "Agent 68" and "Attack" Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP N4441 Thailand Invader color shifter N4441 cold
2009 Color Shifters At Ease To On Guard Black - When Cold / Tan - When Warm Black "Hot Wheels" logo, w/"68 Squadron," Star and HW Flame Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP R1133 Thailand Invader color shifter R1133 cold
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Catcher Red -> Orange / Yellow -> Green Creature Catcher, w/ 'Missile Defense Tactical Unit', 5 Stars Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP R1188 Thailand Invader color shifter creature R1188 cold
197 (USA / 195 (INT) 2010 Race World Battle Dark Gray Silver, Dark Red patterns Silver "Hot Wheels" flame logo Black / Metal Black Red chrome 5SP R7626 Malaysia Casting Change to Barrel: No Missile
Card Variation here.
Invader battle grey
N/A 2011 Attack Pack 5-Pack Pearl Green Silver, Black & Green design. "Uprising" Unpainted / Metal Black Yellow 5SP T8636 Thailand Invader AttackPack
N/A 2012 Light Speeders Blue Black designs, Red Light Speeders logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP W5446 Thailand Base code(s): Invaderlightspeeder
243 2012 2012 Code Cars Flat Olive Green White, Red, Black mouth w/teeth, Light Green camo, "Hot Wheels", "14CS133" Gray / Plastic Chrome Red 5SP V5547 Malaysia Casting Change to Barrel: No Missile

Base code(s): E11, E22

2012 Invader Code Cars
N/A 2013 Max Steel Strength 5-Pack BCC56 Invader Max Steel (1)
087 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - Battle King Khaki Black & Red deco, 'HW68' on sides Red / Plastic Chrome Chrome Red 5SP / Grey 5SP CFK42 Malaysia Base code(s): InvaderCFK42
087 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - Battle King Metalflake Dark Green Olive, Black, Beige & Red deco, 'HW68' on sides Black / Plastic Chrome Chrome Red & Black PR5 CFL88 Malaysia Base code(s): InvaderCFL88


From the back of the 2006-card:

Fun Facts '06 #193 of 223!
Invader™ is a brand new model! This souped-up military vehicle launches a missile!


From the back of the 2010 Race World Battle Series card:

Engine: Turbine
Horsepower: 450 hp
Speed: 75 mph (= 121 km/h)
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h): 20.5 seconds


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