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Impavido 1
Debut Series 2008 New Models
Produced 2008-Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 2008-028

Impavido 1 is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Phil Riehlman that debuted in the 2008 New Models. It bears some resemblance to several Lamborghini cars, most notably the Countach. The car is a playable vehicle in the Hot Wheels Track Attack game, and is the 3rd fastest car in it.


The Impavido 1 has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
028 2008 2008 New Models 28/40 Yellow Black headlights & Red Taillights Black / Plastic Yellow Chrome OH5 L9943 Malaysia Base Code(s): Impavido.i.l9943.a-l
- 2009 Dream Garage 5-Pack Metalflake Silver Black & White tampos on sides Black / Plastic Green Chrome White-Rim, Black OH5 N4075 Thailand Base Code(s): Impavido
60 (USA)
68 (INTL)
2010 Track Stars 4/12 Red White stripes on front and top Black / Plastic Yellow Chrome Gold Chrome PR5 R7461 Malaysia Base Code(s): C09 Impavido1 trackstar red
- 2011 HW Exotics 5-Pack Bright Green Black graphic and "Hot Wheels" logo Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome OH5 T8641 Thailand Impavido 1 - HW Exotics 5
070 2012 Track Stars 5/15 Red Black & White Striped Tampos with Hot Wheels logo, #7 and "HWGRFX" on Rear Quarter Panels, Track Car Loop logo on Side Skirts White / Plastic Tinted Chrome White OH5 V5358 Malaysia Base Code(s): E23, E30 DSCF0142
- 2013 Road Rockets 5-Pack Silver Yellow & Orange Tampos with Hot Wheels logo and White #22 on Side Windows Orange / Plastic Aqua Blue Chrome Aqua Blue with Chrome OH5 X9857 Malaysia Base Code(s): F21 Impavido1Silver
- 2014 Road Rally Truck Set Orange Blue & Silver Tampos with #81 on Back Fenders Blue Translucent / Plastic Blue Chrome OH5 BDW58 Malaysia Base Code(s): G23 Impavido1Orange
- 2014 Road Rally Truck Set Satin Gold White & Orange Tampos in passenger side and cracked window & Hot Wheels tampo on driver's side Chrome / Plastic Green Black Back = Gray Rimmed OH5 + Front = FTE2 BDW61 Malaysia Base Code(s): G26 Impavido1Gold
142 / 250 2014 HW Race - HW Race Team Metalflake Blue Hot Wheels Race Team 4 Grey / Plastic Blue Chrome White OH5 BFD18 Malaysia Base Code(s): G03 Impavido 1-2014 142
142 / 250 2014 HW Race - HW Race Team Metalflake White Hot Wheels Race Team 4 Blue / Plastic Blue Chrome Red Chrome-rimmed OH5 BFD18 Malaysia Base Code(s): G28 Impavido1White
- 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket's Tailspin Takedown Track Set Metalflake Copper Brown, White & Black tampos on driver's side, "Rocket" and picture of Rocket on hood & passenger side window. Tan / Plastic Tinted Tan Chrome-rimmed OH5 BLK88 Thailand Base Code(s): G20 Impavido1Rocket
3/8 2015 Star Wars - Galactic Republic White Grey, Gold & Red designs on sides & top, Black Galactic Republic logo on sides, 'Star Wars' on hood Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome OH5 w/ White rims DFV71 Malaysia Base Code(s): H28 Impavido1DFV71
- 2016 Track Builder 5-Pack Orange Black & Blue stripes, White '18' on sides Yellow / Plastic Blue Chrome Grey OH5 DJD18 Thailand Base Code(s): J09 Impavido1DJD18



Engine: V-10 Twin Gae Bolg

Horsepower: 1415 hp

Top speed: 341 mph (548 Km/h)

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 2.1 seconds

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