Debut Series 2012 New Models
Produced 2012-present
Designer Rob Matthes
Jorge Lorenzo
Number V5291


The Imparable has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
3 2012 2012 New Models 3/50 Black Red, White & Black White / Plastic ZAMAC OH5 V5291 Malaysia Base code(s): D41, D42 ImparableFEHOTWHEELS
3 2012 2012 New Models 3/50 Blue Red, White & Black Red / Plastic ZAMAC OH5 V5262 Malaysia Base code(s): E02 Imparable.003 2012 New Models
149 2014 HW Race - HW Race Team Metalflake Blue Yellow, Red, & White HW logo on sides & hood, White stripes on top of fenders, '7' on sides & hood Black / Plastic Grey TRAP5 BFD24 Malaysia Base code(s): G10, G16 HW-2014-149-Imparable-RaceTeam
7 / 8 2016 Soccer Series White Black & Red stripes, Silver soccer balls & bars, HW Logo/Soccer ball badge on sides & top Black / Plastic Grey Black OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims DJL45 Thailand Base code(s): J08 Imparable (DJL45) 01
5pk 2017 Super Ultimate Garage Red Orange and black tampos, white stars above rear wheels, "91", HW logo, and "h" near spoiler White/Plastic Yellow Black OH5 with White Rims DVF99 Indonesia Image Not Available