Hummer H3T Concept
Debut Series 2004 First Editions
Produced 2004-Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Surfs Up - Hummer H3T Concept

The Hummer H3T Concept is based off of the actual car of the same name.


The Hummer H3T Concept has come out in the following versions:

Coll # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
060 2004 2004 First Editions #60 Black Silver Trim, "H3T" Silver Plastic Blue Tint Pale Tan Chrome OR5SP 2753 Malaysia 040
168 2005 2005 Hot Wheels Flat black Dark red & silver stripe, "H3T" Silver Plastic Red Tint Chrome OR5SP Malaysia Hummer H3T 2005.
046 2006 2006 Treasure Hunts 08/12 Gold and Silver White and Black tampos with "H3T" and "TH" on sides Silver Clear Black ORRR J3288 Malaysia Hummer H3T TH
173 2006 2006 Hot Wheels #173 Metalflake Gray Black Graphics, White & Gray "Hot Wheels" Chrome Plastic Smoke Black OR5SP J3475 Hummer H3T - 06 Mainline173
173 2006 2006 Hot Wheels Yellow Gray, white & black tampos, "Hot Wheels" Chrome Plastic Smoke Black OR5SP Malaysia Hummer H3T Concept 173 2006 Yellow
062 2007 Hummer Series 2/4 Blue Red, Silver strip on side Chrome plastic Clear Black Chrome OR5SP K7577 Malaysia Hummerh3t07
117 2008 Team: Surf's Up 1/4 Metallic Dark Blue White & Light Blue Wave Tampo, "Surf's Up", "H3T" Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Chrome OR5SP Malaysia rack on top w/2 surfboards Surfs Up - Hummer H3T Concept
N/A 2009 3 Kings Day 3-Pack White Black "3KD" on side Plastic / Chrome Clear Grey Black Malaysia Hummerh3t