The House Calls' 5-Pack' was released in 1998, featuring the following vehicles.



Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Delivery Truck Blue Black Orange flames, White "Stinky's" "Diaper Cleaner" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black SB Thailand Delivery BlueL
'56 Flashsider Yellow Orange, Black, White "Hot Rod Handyman" Chrome / Plastic Solid Black unseen 3SP thailand 56 Flashsider Yel3spL
Customized C3500 Pearl Dark Pink Yellow, Black & White "JERRY'S ELECTRIC" Black Plastic Blue tint Black 5SP Malaysia Customized C3500 Pnk
Ford F-150 Black Green, Gold, Yellow "Rusty Pipes" Black / Plastic Gray tint Chrome 5SP Thailand Ford F-150 Blk
'40 Ford Red White, Yellow, Black "Pizza on Wheels" Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint White 5SP Thailand 40 Ford RedL

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