Debut Series Street Beasts
Produced 2017 - present
Designer  ?
Number DTX25
Hotweiler DTX25


The Hotweiler is a Hot Wheels original model released in 2017. This model was obviously designed with a rottweiler dog in mind. The front of the models show some menacing teeth. The dog is attached to a massive sturdy chain which keeps the tires spinning. The name tag dangling at the back of the model says 'HW'. In the cargo bed a dog food bowl can be found. This model has a jaw-chomping motion when it is being rolled.


The Hotweiler has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Hood Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
206 / 365 2017 Street Beasts Metalflake Dark Blue White stripe & 'K-9' on sides Black / Plastic White Chrome Chrome Red & Black OH5SP / Chrome Red M5SP DTX25 Malaysia Base code(s): K06, K09

2017 New Model

303 / 365 2017 Street Beasts Metalflake Red White stripe & 'K-9' on sides Grey / Plastic White Chrome Gold & Black OH5SP / Gold M5SP DVC17 Malaysia Base code(s): K19, K21

2017 New Model


2017 card

From the back of the 2017 card:

Born: 2017
Birthplace: El Segundo
Designer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: It may not bark, but this puppy sure does bite! Chomping as it rolls, the Hotweiler™ boasts a powerful engine and jaws that'll guard the streets with a fearless fur-ocity!


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