A list of Hot Wheels vehicles, with their origins.

"Designer" refers only to the designer of the Hot Wheels casting unless otherwise noted.

"Hot Wheels original" indicates that the casting is not based on any existing vehicle, customized or stock.

"Customized" does not necessarily imply that a real vehicle thus modified actually exists.

"As described" indicates that the casting name corresponds with that of the original vehicle.

Name Designer Origin
'66 Batmobile Larry Wood George Barris-modified 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car as used in 1966 Batman TV series; as described
Baby Boomer Dave Weise Hot Wheels original
Beatnik Bandit Harry Bradley Ed Roth-designed 1960 custom hot-rod; as described
Cockney Cab Howard Rees Customized 1940s/50s London taxi
Cockney Cab II Fraser Campbell Customized Austin/Carbodies/LTI FX4 London taxi
Deora Harry Bradley Harry Bradley-designed 1964 Dodge concept pickup truck; as described
Deora II Nathan Proch Hot Wheels original, later built as full-scale car
Hyper Mite Mark Jones Hot Wheels original
Jaded Mike Nuttall Customized 1954 Kaiser-Fraser Henry J
London Taxi - Austin/Carbodies/LTI FX4
Metrorail Nash Metropolitan Mike Nuttall Customized Nash Metropolitan
Prototipo Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 9 Mark Jones 1955 Alfa Romeo concept car; as described
Radio Flyer Wagon Dave Weise Hot Wheels original, styled after Radio Flyer "Red Wagon" toy
Rail Rodder Larry Wood Hot Wheels original
Red Baron Tom Daniel Popular Monogram model kit, later built as full-scale car; as described
Twin Mill Ira Gilford Hot Wheels original, later built as full-scale car
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Phil Riehlman Customized Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
Whatta Drag Phil Riehlman Customized BMW Isetta; later built as full-scale car