Throughout it's history, the most underused category in Mattel's Hot Wheels line must surely have been the Station Wagon model. As of 2009, only 16 different Station Wagons have been released and approximately a half-dozen have only seen a single release. This then is a detailed look at all the Station Wagons that Hot Wheels has put out.


Hot Wheels has released Station Wagons in the following versions:

Col # Year Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
6251 1969 Classic '31 Ford Woody Unpainted / Metal RL Fordwoody
1970 Classic Nomad RL 6404 Classicnomad 1b
6968 1973 Alive '55 Light Blue No tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black RL Hong Kong Alive55
9240 1976 Poison Pinto Light Green Yellow, Black, and White tampos with "Poison Pinto", skull and crossbones on sides Black Blue Tint Chrome RL Hong Kong PPinto - Green 76
1131 1980 '40's Woodie Orange No tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Tan BW 1131 Hong Kong Smooth Brown panels '40s Woody orange smooth sides BW hi-raker
3258 1982 Aries Wagon Yellow BW Arieswagon
606 1997 Mercedes 300TD Metalflake Dark Green Red "Hot Wheels" logo on rear window Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray 5SP 95535 China "European Styling!" Mercedes 300TD - 6976df
022 2002 Nomadder What Metalflake Orange Black and Silver tampos on sides Clear / Plastic Smoke Chrome PR5 Malaysia Nommaderwhat
022 2003 8 Crate Black and Silver Gray / Plastic Purple Tint Chrome Chrome 5SP 56363 Malaysia 8 Crate First Edition
2003 '49 Ford Woody Red/Black/Yellow No Tampo-Surfboard on roof Black / Metal Clear Ribbed Dark Brown Unique/Chrome Reversed 57291 China Surf's Up Collectable Set; Has Opening Hood 100 8690
G5508 2004 '50's Buick Woody Metalflake Blue-Gray Silver trim on sides Black / Metal Clear Tan Whitewall Chrome Dish RR China Target Exclusive '50's Buick Woody - 5566ef
022 2005 Lomad Red Silver and Flame tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Yellow Chrome 5SP G6689 Malaysia

Lomad - 05FE

J2839 2006 1956 Chevy Nomad Metalflake Teal Silver tampos on sides, White on rear Unpainted / Metal Teal 5SP BLING Malaysia NomadUH56RF
N/A 2007 '57 Buick Orange White and Silver tampos Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black DDRR L0084 Malaysia '57 Buick - 7955cf
M1577 2008 Purple Passion Woody Metalflake Burgundy Woodgrain tampos on sides and rear Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan Whitewall BW K8721 Thailand Came with 1 Tan surfboard Purple Passion Woody - B6633df
N4722 2009 Jack Hammer Green Black, Blue and White Dinosaur Bone tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Metal PR5 N4722 Malaysia Found in 10-Pack Jack.hammer
019 2009 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon Metalflake Blue White stripe tampos on hood, silver accents Chrome / Plastic Blue tint White 5SP N4022 Malaysia '70 Chevelle SS Wagon - 7449df
Hot Wheels Classics Series 5 Boxed Set 2009 Custom '66 GTO Wagon Spectraflame Purple RR5SP w/Red Lines 66 GTO Wagon - CS5 Set
195 2013 '64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon Metalflake Aqua Black and White stripes Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black MC5 X1624 Malaysia Hot Wheels '64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon - 01293ef
2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard '71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon Pale Turquoise Silver grill, tampoed taillights and side markers Pale Turquoise / Metal Tinted (Black) Black Chrome and Red RR5SP X8236 Malaysia Base code(s): E46 HWB13-71DatsunBluebird510Wagon-SeaFoamGreen
135 / 250 2016 Cruise Bruiser Orange 'I ❤ demolition' logo and 'Cruise BRUISER' on sides, '13' on right side, 'Dima was here' on left side Chrome / Plastic None Dark Grey White striped and Black OH5SP DHP22 Malaysia Base code(s): H36, H38 Cruise Bruiser - 16 HW Daredevils 600pxDM


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