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The Hot Wheels Retro Style Series is a line of retro-carded vehicles released exclusively at Target for the U.S. in spring 2016 to coincide with the release of various retro playsets such as the Sto & Go. All vehicles are existing Hot Wheels castings that feature exclusive graphics.

Wave 1

Casting Name Color Toy # Variations/Notes Photo
'68 El Camino Metalflake Magenta DNF21 Retro Style Series '68 El Camino
'77 Plymouth Arrow Light Green DNF24 Retro Style Series '77 Plymouth Arrow
'84 Hurst Olds Metalflake Dark Gray DNF23 84 Hurst Olds - 16 Retro Style 600pxDM
'87 Toyota Pickup Metalflake Dark Purple DNF22 87 Toyota Pickup - 16 Retro Style 600pxDM
Battle Spec Chrome DNF20 Retro Style Series Battle Spec
Power Pipes Red DNF18 Power Pipes - 16 Retro Style 600pxDM
Twin Mill Yellow-Gold DNF17 Retro Style Series Twin Mill
Volkswagen SP2 White DNF19 Volkswagen SP2 - 16 Retro Style 600pxDM

Wave 2

Casting Name Color Toy # Variations/Notes Photo
'80s Corvette Retro Style Series '80s Corvette
'85 Camaro IROC-Z Metalflake White DNF32 85 IROC Camaro - 16 Retro Style 600pxOTD-WIKI
Baja Bug Red DNF30 Retro Style Series Baja Bug
Bone Shaker Matte White DNF27 Bone Shaker - 16 Retro Style 600pxOTD
GT-03 Blue DNF25 Retro Style Series GT-03
Hammered Coupe Navy Blue DNF28 Retro Style Series Hammered Coupe
Porsche 930 Black DNF31 Porsche 930 - 16 Retro Style 600pxOTD
Power Panel Retro Style Series Power Panel

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