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Released in 2010, the Hot Wheels Racing Series featured 10 Hot Wheels cars with a race team deco.


The Following Cars were in the Hot Wheels Racing Series:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1 F1 Racer Dark Blue F1racer HWracing blue
2 Circle Tracker Blue Gray Plastic Blue Tint Red Black OH5 W / Red Chrome Rims Malaysia Base Code(s) C28 100 2544
3 Custom Ford Bronco Blue Gold Chrome Plastic N/A Black Gold Chrome OR5SP Malaysia Base Code(s) B37 100 5136
4 Madfast Image Not Available
5 Mad Propz Blue Painted Yellow Metal Clear Chrome Micro5SP Malaysia 2010 Mad Propz
6 Ferrari F430 Challenge Red Black Plastic Smoke Gray White Y5 Malaysia F430 Challenge - 10 HW Racing
7 Canyon Carver Pearl White ZAMAC Red Tint N/A Red-Rim, Black MC3 Malaysia Image Not Available
8 Riley & Scott Mk III Metalflake Silver Black Plastic N/A Black 10SP Malaysia MKIII HW Racing
9 Ford GT Image Not Available
10 Ford Mustang Funny Car Metalflake Purple Image Not Available

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