For 2012 Hot Wheels has released the Hot Wheels Racing 2012 line to replace the 2011 Vintage Racing Series. There are six subgroups, NHRA 2012 , Muscle 2012 , Indy Racing League 2012, Offroad 2012, Stockcar 2012, Road Racer 2012.


NHRA 2012

Toy # Model Name Photo
'74 Chevy Vega Pro Stock IMG 2807c 1000
Morris Wagon IMG 2814c 1000
Pass'n Gasser DSCN3318-1-
'73 Plymouth Duster '73 Plymouth Duster
Mongoose Duster Mongoose Duster
Snake Cuda Snake Cuda

2012Muscle Packaging

Muscle 2012

Toy # Model Name Photo
Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback 2012-Muscle-FordMustang22Fastback-Yellow

'69 Ford Mustang Boss 302

W8314 '71 AMC Javelin 2012Muscle-AMCJavelin-Grey
Ford Mustang Cobra 2012-Muscle-FordMustangCobra-Blue
Olds Aurora GTS-1 IMG 3205c1000


Offroad 2012

Toy # Model Name Photo
W8319 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 2012 Racing Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
W8318 Custom Ford Bronco 2012 Racing Custom Ford Bronco
W8319 '83 Silverado Image Not Available
W8320 Sandblaster HWR-Offroad-Sandblaster-Black
W8322 Pikes Peak Celica HWR-Offroad-PikesPeakCelica-Yellow
X8321 Volkswagen Baja Beetle Volkswagen Baja Beetle-2012 Hot Wheels Racing


Indy Racing League 2012

Toy # Model Name Photo
W8330 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car IZOD IndyCar Series-2012.W8330
W8331 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car IZOD IndyCar Series-2012.W8331
W8332 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car IZOD IndyCar Series-2012.W8332
W8333 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car IZOD IndyCar Series-2012.W8333
W8334 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car Image Not Available
W8335 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car IZOD IndyCar Series-2012.W8335

Stockcar 2012 Art

Stockcar 2012

Toy # Model Name Photo


'65 Ford Galaxie 2012-HWR-Stockcar-65FordGalaxie-Red
W8325 '66 Chevelle 2012-HWR-Stockcar-66Chevelle-YellowBlue
W8326 '40 Ford Coupe 2012-HWR-Stockcar-40FordCoupe-Black
W8327 '56 Merc HWR-Stockcar-56Merc-Bl-Wh
W8328 '57 Plymouth Fury HWR-Stockcar-57Plymouth-Red
W8329 '59 Chevy Impala



Road Racer 2012

Toy # Model Name Notes Photo
'92 BMW M3 New Tool BMW M3 1992 (road racers)
Chaparral Camaro Chevrolet Chaparral Camaro (road racers)
James Garner's Copo Corvette Chevrolet Copo Corvette (road racers)
'76 Greenwood Corvette New Tool Chevrolet Greenwood Corvette (road racers)
Ford GT-40 Ford GT40 (road racers)
'78 Porsche 935/78 New Tool Porsche 935-78 (road racers)

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