Hot Wheels Extras are vehicles packaged with an extra part that can be put on and taken off the vehicle.


Col # Year Casting Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Extra Photo
1983 Peterbilt Dump Truck Yellow None ZAMAC Tinted Tinted BW Dunp Box Peterbilt Dump Yel
1983 Ford Stake Bed Truck Blue Yellow, Black and White Tampos ZAMAC Clear Chrome BW Stake Bed Ford Stake bluTan
1983 Upfront 924 Gold Red, Yellow and Black Stripes Smoked Black BW   Ski-rack Upfront 944 Goldextras
1983 Oshkosh Snow Plow Orange None None Orange Metal ORCT   Snowplow Oshkosh Snowplow OrgOrgCT
1983 '31 Doozie Red None ZAMAC Blue-tint Brown  WW   Top 31 Doozie RedRd


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