Hot Wheels Crashers

Crashers is a segment between 1998-2000 when the cars featured have a special effect in which the cars appear to look broken or "crashed" when hit at certain angles. The series had only three playsets in its relatively short lifespan, the first of which debuted in 1998 as "Crunch Zone", the second of which appeared in 2000 as "Slamfest" and the third of which appeared in 2000 as "Crossroad Crash".

The Cars:


-Spin-out Stocker

-King Wrex

-Baja Bruiser

-Demo Mission

- Rash 1

-Trash Test

-Boulder Basher

Crashers 2 (2000):

-Buster The Bull

-Crash & Smash


-Crunch Chief

-Double Barrel

-X-Ploder (Crashers)


-Backwoods Bomb