Released on August 9, 2007, Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing is a game with over 20 cars and 11 tracks. It was only available on the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable).

Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing

Cars List

Here's a list of Hot Wheels cars that was playable in the game

  1. Blastous
  2. Brutalistic
  3. Bully Goat
  4. Burl-Esque
  5. CUL8R
  6. Dieselboy
  7. Firestorm
  8. Formul8r
  9. Hammer Sled
  10. Horseplay
  11. Itso-Skeenie
  12. Low C-GT
  13. Low Carbs
  14. Mid Drift
  15. Overbored 454T
  16. Paradigm Shift
  17. Pharodox
  18. Phastasm
  19. Preying Menace
  20. Quad Rod
  21. Sir Ominous
  22. Slider
  23. SpecTyte
  24. Split Decision
  25. Stockar
  26. Symbolic

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