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Box art for the game

Hot Wheels Mechanix is a PC-only video game where players could edit their cars with motors, tires, and even wings, and paint jobs.


(18 total)


  • Tiki Jungle
  • Pluto Mines
  • Beachway
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Urban Station
  • Construction Yard
  • Moon Base

Tire Upgrades

  • Off Road
  • Pontoon
  • Economy
  • Spikes


  • Short Wings
  • Medium Wings
  • Long Wings


  • 50 HP
  • 100 HP
  • 150 HP

(Note the motors only add HP)

Best Tire Choices

  • Tiki Jungle: Pontoon
  • Beachway: Pontoon
  • Moon Base: Spike
  • Construction Yard: Off Road
  • Asteroid Belt: Economy
  • Urban Station: Economy
  • Pluto Mines: Spikes

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