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Talk5 Share (abbreviated HWC) is a large website collectors use to interact via message boards. It lists events, news, and other hot wheels collecting information. is the company website containing information about all of the products made by Mattel, including Hot Wheels. It lists recall info, news, and other product information regarding these beloved toys we have grown up with.

Site Tour

The website is divided into 6 main sections, all with sections of their own.

1. News & events.  This is your one-stop shop for Hot wheels news.  it lists collector convention dates, hot wheels shows, and other hot news.

2. Showroom.  This area shows you what Hot Wheels can make. It holds the HWC Museam, Sneak peeks, retail series, and 1:1 cars.

3. Collecting. Read about the HWC spotlight collector(s), and get into the hobby yourself!. Also an excellent place to look for collecting clubs near you.

4. RLC only.  An exclusive area for members of the Red Line Club.  Holds RLC sneak peeks.

5. Message boards. Post and read feeds about Hot Wheels. This section is for HWC or RLC members only.

6. Shop. Buy all the HWC exclusive modles and other Hot products.  being the collector's outlet it is, HotWheels- provides a variety of exclusive and non-exclusives cars online. The exclusives are viewable below:















Due to the extreme backorders of the 2013 cars, the 2014 cars were postponed until 2015. All 2014 memberships were automatically renewed for 2015 by the site as a result.


Exclusive Series

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